Last Impressions – Hard Times

Last Impressions – Hard Times – Brief Article

Steve Stiefel

MIKE MATARAZZO finished last at the 2001 Olympia, but that’s hardly a knock on the way he looked. “It’s a tough show,” he said backstage. “I’m tighter and fuller than I was in New York Eat the 2001 Night Of Champions, where he finished fifth and qualified for the O], but you’re dealing with the best in the world here.”

Mike did look improved from earlier in 2001, but so did many others. “This is the best Olympia I’ve ever been in,” Mad Mazz said. “Everybody’s on. The guys look incredible. I don’t see anybody up there that’s out of shape. It’s top quality right here JAY [CUTLER] looks incredible. I’m so impressed with him tonight.”

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