Health on wheels

Health on wheels

IN THE PHYSIQUE WORLD, WE’RE often asked, “Whatever became of …?” In the case of Carol Semple-Marzetta, we are happy to report that she is doing fine.

Arguably one of the most successful and influential fitness competitors of her day, Semple-Marzetta has immersed herself in a company called Life Measure Labs, and as you might guess, it has its base in the world of wellness.

Specifically, Semple-Marzetta works as manager of the fitness and athletics division in tandem with mobile units that travel nationwide to provide sophisticated DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) body-composition and bone-density screening tests.

In addition to its DEXA screening services, Life Measure Labs also offers mobile state-of-the-art athletic performance analyses, such as V[O.sub.2] max pulmonary function assessments, plus a variety of other health and fitness screenings.

To contact Semple-Marzetta about her current career efforts and this unique company, go to or call toll free (888) 261-1584.

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