Have guns, will travel: guest posing is one of my favorite aspects of being a pro

Have guns, will travel: guest posing is one of my favorite aspects of being a pro – Christhe Real Spiel

Chris Cormier

Over the years, I’ve been hired for dozens of guest posings at gyms, expos and other events. Some bodybuilders don’t really enjoy doing these extra events, but because of my personality, it’s one of my favorite aspects of being a professional bodybuilder. Competing onstage is one type of head rush, and you realize that you’re a performer, but when I do a guest posing, I get to perform and meet my fans one on one.

I’m a people person. I enjoy getting down in the trenches with the fans–especially the ones who tell me I’m their favorite bodybuilder. Depending on the event, sometimes I’ll go in a day or two early and do some radio or TV work to help publicize an event or bodybuilding show. I think it helps lend credibility to bodybuilding when people who might not be fans hear a bodybuilder talk about the positive aspects of our sport. I believe that promoting the image of bodybuilding is part of my duty as a professional.

I also love to hang out with the fans after a guest posing. Spending time with people is a great way to build your fan base. Once people meet you in person, they take more interest in your career. I’ve had fans come up to me years after a guest posing to tell me that they’ve been following my career.

Probably the most important thing I can do at guest posings, though, is to help at-risk teens find a better life by turning to bodybuilding. Many professional–and amateur–bodybuilders will tell you that the sport helped save their lives. I love to go to high schools, junior highs or recreation centers to speak to kids about the importance of focus and discipline. Frequently, school doesn’t have much appeal to them, but they can turn to bodybuilding or some other type of athletics, and that can become the most important factor in their lives.

When I guest pose, I take into account where I am and what the audience is like so I can determine what is appropriate and what will go over well. You can’t do the same routine at every guest posing. When I was in Hawaii, I came out wearing a Rastafarian wig. I’ve come out in a boxing robe, and I still have a few surprises up my sleeve. Wherever I go, I like to have fun and show the crowd a good time.

To contact Chris Cormier about guest posing, write to him at 1801 Lincoln Blvd. #120, Venice CA 90291.

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