find out how using the right post-workout supplements can enhance your muscles’ ability to grow!

How to optimize muscle growth and recovery: find out how using the right post-workout supplements can enhance your muscles’ ability to grow!

In order to optimize muscle growth and recovery, you have to train hard, follow a proper diet, and get enough rest. You also have to make sure your post-workout supplementation plan is in order. Why? Well, by supplying your muscles with the appropriate supplements after a workout, you can increase protein synthesis (musclebuilding) and reduce protein degradation (muscle breakdown), which can lead to an increase in muscle growth. What’s more, including the proper post-workout supplements in your bodybuilding program can help replenish cellular energy, which can lead to faster recuperation from the most grueling workouts.

However, which nutrients and, more importantly, which supplements should be taken post-workout? Well, by using the following information, you’ll be able to design an effective post-workout supplement plan to give your body the key nutrients needed to help enhance muscle growth and recovery.


Creatine is a compound that the body can store and then use to help produce cellular energy for high-intensity activities such as weight training. As the stores of creatine in your muscles decrease during intense exercise, muscular fatigue sets in and performance starts to decline. This happens because the body can’t make enough cellular energy from the depleted creatine stores to meet the demands of intense training. Therefore, the more creatine in your muscles, the more cellular energy you can produce for your workouts, and that’s why you should consume a creatine supplement after you finish training.

Still, as powerful as creatine is on its own, you’re not going to reap any of its benefits if it doesn’t get into your muscles. So how do you help deliver creatine to your muscles? Well, one breakthrough study shows that combining creatine with a large amount of high-glycemic carbs and alpha lipoic acid can help get more creatine into the muscles. And the only creatine supplement available that contains both a large amount of high-glycemic carbs and alpha lipoic acid is CELL-TECH.


CELL-TECH is an advanced creatine supplement designed to drive creatine into your muscles–where it’s needed most. With the addition of 75 grams of dextrose, precisely 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid, and several other key ingredients, CELL-TECH improves your muscles’ ability to absorb and retain muscle-enhancing creatine. In fact, in one study, subjects using CELL-TECH in combination with diet and weight training gained an average of over 9 pounds of mass in just 8 weeks! It’s incredible results like this that make CELL-TECH a must-have post-workout supplement. However, before you put down this magazine and head to the health-food store to pick up some CELL-TECH, you should know there’s another nutrient that’s essential for muscle growth.


When we consume protein, it gets broken down in the digestive tract into amino acids, which are then delivered to the bloodstream. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. High levels of amino acids in the blood-stream can help promote muscle growth and slow down muscle breakdown, as long as they enter the muscle. The point to remember is that if more amino acids are going into the muscles and less are going out, the greater potential there is for muscle growth. Therefore, to improve muscle growth, a quickly absorbed protein such as whey should be used after your workout to flood the blood-stream with amino acids. However, like creatine, your whey-protein supplement should contain a delivery system to promote the uptake of crucial amino acids needed for growth into your muscles.


NITRO-TECH is an advanced whey protein supplement designed to deliver the vital amino acids to the muscles. By combining two unique nutrient complexes, NITRO-TECH provides an amazing delivery system for body-builders looking to increase muscle growth. This delivery system is designed to promote the uptake of a high-quality protein complex in your muscles, like the high-quality whey protein contained in NITRO-TECH. And remember, the more amino acids that enter the muscles, the better your gains can be.

NITRO-TECH, like CELL-TECH, also has science on its side. In one study, subjects who used NITRO-TECH gained an average of over 8 pounds of mass in just 6 weeks by combining it with diet and weight training!

A Powerful Combination

Designed to promote the uptake of key nutrients required to enhance muscle growth and recovery into your body, NITRO-TECH and CELL-TECH have state-of-the-art delivery systems unlike any other supplements of their kind. On top of this, CELL-TECH and NITRO-TECH are now available in new, improved flavors! What’s more, both of these delivery systems can complement one another when combined with diet and weight training. Therefore, using these two incredible musclebuilding supplements together can be more advantageous than taking one on its own. So, add CELL-TECH and NITRO-TECH to your program and reap the benefits these two powerful musclebuilders have to offer.

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