Comeback of a lifetime: pro bodybuilder Jason Marcovici comes back from a devastating injury with the help of MuscleTech supplements

Comeback of a lifetime: pro bodybuilder Jason Marcovici comes back from a devastating injury with the help of MuscleTech supplements – Special 6-page Ad Report

Every hardcore bodybuilder knows “the drill.” It’s leg day. You’ve done everything you can to psych yourself up for the most grueling, all-out leg blast this side of hell. The Smith machine’s iron cage looms over you as you set your shoulders beneath a barbell that supports enough weight to crush a normal man’s bones to powder. With only the image of Olympian-sized quads and hams in your head, you dig in for an intense, down-to-the-basement set of squats. You unhook the bar and make your descent with what feels like the weight of a house pressing down on top of you. With your quads screaming for mercy and your glutes touching your heels, you summon the energy to blast that weight back up to your standing position. Only this time, instead of pushing the weight through the ceiling, you hear the stomach-turning sound of tearing cartilage and snapping tendons. You’re going nowhere but further down into a crumpled heap of excruciating pain that almost blinds you.

Welcome to one of the worst days of pro bodybuilder Jason Marcovici’s life. Now find out how he beat impossible odds–and the prognosis of never walking again–to strut back onto the competitive stage. You’ll be amazed when you see that Jason’s bodybuilding comeback wasn’t a miracle, but the result of hard work, perseverance, and a structured diet, training, and supplementation program.

Jason Marcovici has come a long way since living that nightmare. After doctors reattached his tendons to his knees, he began his mission to make the comeback of a lifetime. Jason not only regained the muscle mass he had before his tragic accident, but he also continues to pack on size today, and has stepped on stage larger and more shredded than ever.

Jason’s never-say-die attitude is what drives him through each and every workout. So how does one come back from a devastating injury and manage to add incredible size to an already massive frame? It must be good, old-fashioned, hardcore determination–and the use of superior supplements. Jason made sure he did all his homework when planning his comeback, staying up-to-date on all the latest training techniques, diets, and the most effective musclebuilders.

Comeback Training

Jason trains 4 days a week, arranging his weekly program into a 2-days-on-1-day-off, 2-days-on-2-days-off training split. He usually trains 2 body parts a day–3 exercises per part–for 6 working sets of 8 to 10 reps. Many bodybuilders train either opposing body parts (chest and back) or complementary body parts (chest and triceps), but Jason’s program is different. He likes to train body parts that aren’t associated at all, thereby essentially working each part twice a week. For example, the triceps will see action on both chest day and triceps day, as will biceps on biceps day and back, and so forth.

Jason’s Massive Meals

If hardcore training is the building block of Jason’s comeback program, hen his diet would be the foundation. Jason isn’t about to let one bit of his all-out training go to waste with a lack of musclebuilding protein or any other nutrients necessary for recovery. Jason not only stuck with the basics of any bodybuilder’s diet–chicken, steak, and rice–but he also made sure to take in top-notch supplements that were proven to deliver real results. Jason credits much of his gains in shredded mass and strength to the ultra-effective MuscleTech stack: NITRO-Tech and CELL-Tech.

When adding musclebuilders to his program, Jason stayed with a supplement company that has musclebuilding products that are proven to work. He chose MuscleTech’s already popular NITRO-Tech and CELL-Tech, the third-generation creatine cell volumizer.

Special Delivery Of Protein

NITRO-Tech is the most advanced protein supplement there is, because it effectively delivers protein directly to where your body needs it most–your muscles. NITRO-Tech’s unique delivery system is designed to drive the high-quality whey protein right into your muscles to help them grow bigger than ever. Bodybuilders everywhere are using NITRO-Tech simply because it’s been proven to work. In a scientific study, NITRO-Tech was shown to be 24 times better than regular whey protein for gains in muscle–in 28 days (2.8 vs. 0.11 lbs.). In another study, subjects using NITRO-Tech gained nearly 9 pounds of mass in 6 weeks combining diet and exercise. That’s more than 1 pound a week–and that’s just the average result.

Jason himself was able to achieve incredible results with the help of NITRO-Tech, adding incredible size to his arms and chest. “NITRO-Tech shakes help me grow fast,” he said, “and they’re amazing at helping me quickly recover from my hardcore training sessions!”

CELL-Tech Gets Results

The final element of Jason’s supplement program is CELL-Tech, an advanced third-generation creatine formula. Bodybuilders across America are using CELL-Tech to experience crazy pumps and amazing muscle gains. Jason’s results are more proof of CELL-Tech’s phenomenal effectiveness. When asked about his experience with CELL-Tech, he had this to say: “CELL-Tech helped me add freaky size to my arms and my chest! I stepped on stage bigger than ever, while getting into the most ripped condition of my life. CELL-Tech really does work!”

It’s not hard to see why CELL-Tech worked so well for Jason when you consider that one study proved CELL-Tech to be over 19 times better than creatine for gains in mass (4.3 vs. 0.22 lbs.). Furthermore, in another study, subjects using CELL-Tech gained over 9 pounds of mass in only 8 weeks combining diet and exercise–and that’s just the average gain! Extraordinary results, like subjects gaining over 17 pounds in 8 weeks, are what have helped make CELL-Tech the best musclebuilder of its kind. Stacking it with NITRO-Tech just makes it that much more enticing to start building more muscle now.

Marcovici’s Future

As committed as Jason is to the world of bodybuilding, he recently announced plans to make a commitment on a different level: Marcovici will be marrying his fiancee in the near future. After that, you can look for him to compete again on the pro stages in 2003. Taking one glance at Jason’s incredible pictures, especially after such a dreadful accident, leaves no doubt that he’ll accomplish anything he sets his mind to. With his hardcore attitude, strict perseverance, and the help of Muscle Tech’s potent supplement stack, expect Marcovici to do some serious damage to his competition in upcoming events.

If you want a better way to gain rock-hard mass, explosive strength, and shredded muscularity, you owe it to yourself to give Muscle Tech products a try. CELL-Tech and NITRO-Tech are available at your local GNC and other fine health-food stores, or you can order direct by calling Muscle Tech’s 24-hour toll-free customer service hotline at 1-877-443-3998. You can also visit Muscle Tech on the Web at

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