Chris cross – Hard Times – Chris Cormier on 2002 Mr. Olympia

Chris cross – Hard Times – Chris Cormier on 2002 Mr. Olympia – Brief Article

Steve Stiefel

CHRIS CORMIER has been accused of being dazed and confused by the difficulties of his personal life, but he has no trouble when it comes to speaking his mind about bodybuilding contests. After finishing third at the 2002 Mr. Olympia, he spilled a few thoughts about the affair.

* “RONNIE COLEMAN was hard, but he was small for Ronnie. You can’t ignore bloated stomachs and missing bodyparts. The judges need to move guys down for those bloated guts.”

* “KEVIN LEVEONE is a good competitor, but his legs still look small and they were a holding a little bit of water. If he had been a little sharper with better legs, then maybe he should have won the show. But now, he’s missing a whole bodypart.”

* “At the start of the show, I was holding a little bit of water, but at least I have my legs. I think I looked better than Kevin at first, but then I started to fade. Mentally and physically, I started to break down during the second round, and I was just trying to hold it together for the rest of the show.”

After the O, Cormier hopped a plane to Europe where he finished third at the British Grand Prix, then took second to Coleman at the Dutch Grand Prix a week later. Next, at the GNC Show of Strength in New Orleans, he finished third again. That’s right: He went from the red-light district of Amsterdam to Bourbon Street in a single week, then topped it all off by signing a new lucrative endorsement contract with MuscleTech. Or was that Michelob? We’ll get back to you.

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