Burke update

Burke update

Jim Rosenthal

ORVILLE BURKE, who lapsed into a coma following surgery to reattach his triceps on November 5, continues to make slow progress from his ordeal. According to close friend STEVE WEINBERGER, “Orville’s doing a lot better, but it will be a long road to recovery. He is breathing on his own. He is opening up his eyes. He can recognize people.”

As of December 2, Burke was still in intensive care, with hopes of soon moving toward beginning his work in a rehab center. “It looks like he is going to survive, but now he faces a hard rehabilitation road ahead of him,” says Weinberger, who owns the gym where Burke trains, Bev Francis Gold’s Gym in Syosset, New York. “We’ll see how he responds. We’re hoping for the best.”

FLEX sends its best to Orville and his family, and we urge the entire bodybuilding community to continue to keep him in their thoughts.

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