Bodybuilding’s Strongest Arms grab a pro card! One incredible journey has led to Mat Duvall’s long-awaited reward of an IFBB pro card

Bodybuilding’s Strongest Arms grab a pro card! One incredible journey has led to Mat Duvall’s long-awaited reward of an IFBB pro card

When it comes to the man with “Bodybuilding’s Strongest Arms,” it may only be fitting to also refer to him as “Mr. Dedication.” Few bodybuilders have shown more passion, courage, determination, and intensity over the past few years than mighty Mat Duvall. Long after many would have quit and turned a sour back to the entire sport of bodybuilding, Mat’s love for the sport and dedication to the game had him stepping onto the competitive stage eight times before successfully nabbing a pro card on attempt number nine. Don’t even try to dismiss Mat’s number of attempts as lack of trying, because you’d be sorely mistaken. Mat always does his research and has consistently improved and changed his physique with every competitive appearance he’s made during the past few years. This year, however, neither the judges nor the fans could deny that Mat had done his homework and everyone else was going to school!

Never one to do things the easy way, Mat found his road to a pro card this year to be anything but a piece of cake. Not only is Mat a fantastic bodybuilder, but he’s also a very dedicated worker, and he operated his own contracting business throughout his training. While juggling bodybuilding and your own business can be an exhausting task, you’d never know it by Mat’s always-upbeat attitude. This may very well have been one of the contributing assets that helped Mat recover from a serious accident in early 2003 that could have cost him his career in bodybuilding.

What started as any other workday for the man with “Bodybuilding’s Strongest Arms” ended with him emerging from his rolled-over company vehicle, covered in green paint. In a scene seemingly torn from the pages of a comic book, Mat’s bulging muscles, torn shirt, and green-stained skin were all that stunned onlookers could see as he emerged from the wreckage of his overturned vehicle! Unfortunately, Mat suffered significant injuries to one of his world-famous arms and was forced to wait until November of 2003 to capture his pro card. Much like the comic book hero he resembled on the day of his accident, it was going to take a lot more than that to bring this giant down! Mat Duvall was determined to make sure that 2003 was the year he turned pro and got bigger and harder than ever. “After my accident, I needed to step back, determine what’s really important in my life, and take some time to focus on Mat,” he says. “I think that things happen for a reason, and I think that having the accident will end up benefiting me in the future.”

On November 15, 2003, Mat Duvall brought his freakiest, most shredded package ever to the competitive stage of the NPC Nationals! Mat’s supreme conditioning and world-class muscle earned him not only the top spot in his weight class, but also the overall title and his coveted pro card. Many years of muscle-torturing, physically exhausting training and diet had finally come together in Mat’s triumphant domination of the competitive stage in Miami, Florida.

New Weapons In The Big Arms Race

Anyone who’s followed Mat’s career knows he’s made no secret of just how influential MuscleTech supplements have been in helping him get where he is today. “Throughout my transformation leading into the 2003 Nationals, my first and last protein serving of the day was a NITRO-TECH shake. NITRO-TECH played a huge role in my transformation!” beams Mat. If you think Mat sounds jacked about all the NITRO-TECH products he was already enjoying as part of his mission to get his pro card, wait until he sees what’s new in 2004!

Powdered Growth Formula

The three NITRO-TECH powder flavors have now been reformulated to taste even more incredible. Just like the name says, Delicious Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry are just that–delicious! Even more great news is that there are new members to this musclebuilding family! The newest flavors to join the NITRO-TECH powder family are Exotic Tropical Fruit and Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl. They have the same unique delivery system and high-quality protein combination that only NITRO-TECH can supply!

What’s most impressive about the NITRO-TECH powder formula is the amount of research Muscle Tech has invested in it. It’s not basement lab tests or a certificate you buy over the Internet–it’s real research, done by respected researchers. Take, for example, the study that showed subjects using NITRO-TECH powder gained an average of over 8 pounds of lean mass in just 6 weeks by combining it with diet and training. That breaks down to an average of over a pound a week! In this same 6-week study, NITRO-TECH powder users added an average of over 30 pounds to their max bench! This isn’t some run-of-the-mill protein powder. It’s a protein powder used by world-class athletes that’s shown to get results!

Size Always Matters

Anyone who tells you that size doesn’t matter is probably just trying to compensate for it with other things. With the title of Superheavyweight Champion, there’s no mystery behind the fact that Mat Duvall is one huge dude! That’s why he’s happy to know he can tear into any of three different colossal cans of NITRO-TECH RTDs anywhere he decides to take them. The cans are loaded with 45 grams of high quality musclebuilding protein and the taste is incredible!

How does Mat feel about the NITRO-TECH RTDs? “I’ve got to go with the new NITRO-TECH RTDs in the cans,” he says. “They taste great, they’re so convenient, and I know that when I have one, it’s 45 grams of protein.” These cans also come in a new 11-ounce size in case there just isn’t enough room in your cooler bag for the bigger ones.

Just to make sure the busy bodybuilder has enough variety while getting his protein on the go, a special formulation of NITRO-TECH was also developed to come in a plastic bottle. Also containing 45 grams of protein apiece, these fruity flavors offer a different (but equally delicious) taste than the shakes in the can. You can choose from Exotic Tropical Punch, Wild Fruit Punch, or Grape Extreme.

No Holds Bar-red Taste

If you’re looking for protein bars with out-of-this-world flavors, look no further than NITRO-TECH. These delicious bars are practically bursting with 35 grams of protein and come in 7 mouthwatering flavors! You can take your choice of tempting flavors like S’mores Sensation and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip or the sensationally fruity flavors of Strawberry Cheesecake and Blueberry Cheesecake. “My favorite flavors of NITRO-TECH bars are the Crunchy Chocolate Crisp and the S’mores Sensation!” proclaims Mat. It doesn’t take “Bodybuilding’s Strongest Arms” to tear into a NITRO-TECH bar, but NITRO-TECH can help you build them!

The Road To The Pro Ranks

Now that you’ve heard about the supplements Mat enjoys, isn’t it time you saw just how well they worked for him? Just look at how muscular Mat is in the pictures to the left! Over the course of 12 weeks, Mat combined a number of MuscleTech products with his diet and training program–including NITRO-TECH powder, bars, and RTDs–to build the physique that stepped onstage an amateur and stepped off a pro!

Coming Soon

2004 is already looking to be an incredible year for Mat. He’s already training hard to become an even better bodybuilder. Mat’s a smart guy and knows it’s a whole new world in the pro ranks, but he’s only using that as the fuel that fires his drive to be the best! Look for Mat Duvall in an upcoming pro show soon! In the meantime you can keep checking in on news about Mat at This site has up-to-date news on Mat and MuscleTech’s other athletes, as well as information on the company’s many fantastic products. While you’re there, sign up for the free newsletter and you could win one of ten $500 supplement packages!*

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