Bodybuilding’s birthplace: bringing FLEX to Greece is like coming home – Publisher’s Page

Bodybuilding’s birthplace: bringing FLEX to Greece is like coming home – Publisher’s Page – Editorial

Joe Weider

Editor’s note: This is the biggest issue of FLEX that Joe Welder has ever published. But FLEX isn’t just big–it’s also popular and has a global reach that continues to expand. Greece is the latest country to carry bodybuilding’s number-one magazine. To celebrate that milestone, we’re reprinting Joe’s welcoming editorial from the very first Greek edition of FLEX. (For more about the history of Joe’s publishing career–which is the history of bodybuilding itself–and to find out how we got here, turn to “The Big Issue” on page 172.)

We’ve finally coins home. FLEX magazine and Greece is a marriage made in bodybuilding heaven (or, I should say, on Mount Olympus). We belong here.

It’s long overdue. I’ve always considered the ancient Greeks to be the true originators of the science of aesthetic physique development. In fact, when we make reference today to the basic bodytypes in our sport, we use terms like Apollonian and Herculean, such is the great influence of early Greek society on athletic pursuits. This truly is bodybuilding’s birthplace.

It’s not just classical Greek mythology and art that glorify physical excellence in man. Ancient Greeks took athletic lifestyle very seriously. The Olympics began in Greece, of course, and such societies as that in Sparta stressed the importance of athletic development as a central focus in life. Even the name of our sport’s most important contest, the Mr. Olympia, harks back to Greek society. This land is not only the cradle of civilization, it’s where training and organized sports began.

Of course, much has changed since the days of the Parthenon. That’s where FLEX magazine comes in. I’ve spent more than 60 years compiling and devising training methods and nutritional guidelines for bodybuilders and other athletes. Today, the health and fitness industry is a worldwide force, flourishing in almost every nation on the planet. Men and women, old and young, and athletes of all types use bodybuilding to improve their physical health and mental outlook. Gaining confidence and leading a more rewarding life as you build a healthy attractive physique is a goal FLEX can help you attain. We’ve been there. We know what works.

Every month, FLEX will bring you the ultimate bodybuilding information from the greatest champions in the world. You have my personal guarantee that you will receive the sport’s most innovative cutting-edge workouts, nutritional systems and supplement advice available.

With the 2004 Olympic Summer Games coming to Greece, all things athletic will gain an even more intense focus in your great country. We’ll be here as your guide to the latest and greatest developments in the science of physique excellence.

So let me formally welcome you to the world’s number-one bodybuilding magazine. Learn, grow and enjoy!

It’s great to be home.

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