Birthday blues – Hard Times – Orville Burke

Birthday blues – Hard Times – Orville Burke – Brief Article

Jim Schmaltz

Yes, we can put a man on the moon, map the human genome and weave a toupee for WILLIAM SHATNER, but we still haven’t figured out a foolproof way to determine ORVILLE BURKE’s age. Earlier reports had the Jamaican-born bodybuilder turning 40 years old this year, making him eligible for the Masters Olympia. After Burke stated his intention to compete at the Masters, IFBB officials — and reportedly Orville himself — couldn’t quite locate evidence of his age. Finally, it was determined that Orville will be 39 when the 2002 Masters 0 takes place, although we’re not sure where the proof originated. Birth certificate? DNA? MISS CLEO? Let’s Just say he’s too young for this year’s Masters, too old for Blue’s Clues. We think.

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