Backed by the strength of science

Backed by the strength of science – bodybuilding supplement Myoplex Deluxe

Whenever there’s a nutrition breakthrough backed by hard core research, there’s a good chance we’re behind it. From the start, EAS has been committed to bringing you the best of science-based nutrition. We substantiate everything with independent scientific research from the top experts in the field. Studies. Tests. Performed at universities and research laboratories worldwide, not to mention our own in-house research and field studies.


All that know-how is right here in new formula Myoplex Deluxe powder. If we tried to cram more great stuff into this thing it would explode. You want protein? Suck it up–you get 54 grams of fast and sustained release proteins including whey isolate and micellar casein. Micellar what? Also known as native milk protein, micellar casein is undenatured and tends to “gel” in the gut. This allows a steady stream of amino acids into the body so you get faster muscle growth. You need faster workout recovery? We’ve put in four grams of glutamine and glutamine peptides. Need fiber? Myoplex Deluxe has 6-7 grams of dietary fiber from whole-grain, low-glycemic complex carbs (brown rice syrup and oat bran). These help moderate your insulin, sustain your energy and reduce your ability to store fat. This stuff even has a gram of CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, for faster lean mass gains and fat loss. Plus, 29 vitamins and minerals.

A bunch of benefits, and no hydrogenated oils or corn syrup solids or any of the other junk that can find themselves to your waist. And the great taste? We’ve made the most delicious shakes on the market (some would say the only delicious shakes on the market) taste even better.

The end results are faster muscle recovery and repair. Stable energy levels. More strength and lean mass gains. If you’re serious about looking good but you’re still not using Myoplex Deluxe? Then you’re not really serious.


If you’re like most people you’re not gaining as much muscle or shedding as much fat as you’d like. Heck, 95% of us make that complaint, according to a 2001 survey of over a half million weight-training athletes. Yet 93% of these people said they train with weights three times a week. 87% said they “eat right” most of the time. So what’s going on?

To be honest, these people’s definition of “eat right” is probably totally nuts. It’s no secret you need proper nutrients, combined with exercise, to build a better body. Yet most of us have enormous holes in our nutrition programs. Some of us consume too many calories, others not enough. Our protein and carb ratios are out of whack. We’re eating too much or not at the right times, and our systems are desperately trying to keep up. Well, guess what? It’s a battle we’re going to continue to lose unless we get smart.

There’s no argument among the experts. The best way to approach bodybuilding nutrition is to consume five, six or even seven nutritious “meals” every day. Yeah, this isn’t your typical American big three. There’s nothing magical about breakfast, lunch and dinner. No, to maximize the anabolic effects of insulin, maintain proper muscle metabolism and keep our energy levels up, we need to change those habits. But preparing six nutritionally balanced meals a day? Unless you have an executive chef, who has time for that?


Myoplex Deluxe offers a simple solution to that problem. That’s why Myoplex is the #1 selling meal-replacement brand on the market. We’ve taken all the good stuff. Yeah, the nutrients you’d find in a grocery cart full of lean meat, fruits, veggies, and dairy and crammed them into Myoplex Deluxe. And we’ve kept all the leftover junk like saturated fat and excess calories, out.

Next, we’ve combined it into precise ratios. That’s where our extensive research and scientists come into play. Making sure you have the right amount of everything, from protein and carb balance to CLA and glutamine. Creating a high-tech, custom-designed nutrition formula thousands of body builders and athletes use every day to help take the guesswork one of “eating right.”

Of course, if it tasted like cardboard none of that would matter. But if you’ve in for a treat. Milk chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. Down the hatch with great taste and great nutrition.


Mike Valentino didn’t get to look this good by eating garbage. He’s been using Myoplex Deluxe, and wouldn’t use anything else. And Mike should know. He pays as much attention to his nutrition as he does his abs.

That’s why Mike was delighted to hear about the new formula Myoplex Deluxe powder. “I didn’t think you could improve perfection,” said Mike. “I’m delighted to hear I was wrong.”

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