300-pound Gunter – Hard Times – Gunter Schlierkaep

300-pound Gunter – Hard Times – Gunter Schlierkaep – Brief Article

Steve Stiefel

“The next time I compete, I want to be the first professional bodybuilder onstage to weigh 300 pounds and be in terrific shape,” says GUNTER SCHLIERKAEP. “I was 293 at the 2001 Mr. Olympia [where he finished 15th], so it won’t be difficult for me. Every year, I add five to 10 pounds of quality muscle mass.

“I’m working with [nutrition expert] CHAD NICHOLLS to bring up my upper body and make some other small improvements.”

When Schlierkamp starts preparing for his next show, he may train with Venice, California, guru CHARLES GLASS. “Charles wants to work with me, but for me to go to Venice is very difficult. ESchlierkamp lives in Santa Clarita, California, often a two-hour drive to Venice, depending on traffic.] If I’m training for a show, then I could drive down to Venice twice a week to train with him, focusing on bodyparts I need to improve. He has great knowledge of training and really pushes you through a workout, so it would be a great way to prepare for a show.”

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