2004 NPC national bodybuilding, fitness and figure contest schedule

2004 NPC national bodybuilding, fitness and figure contest schedule

Jim Manion

The locations of the 2004 NPC national bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions represent a cross section of the country, featuring many of the NPC’s best promoters. It is important to support these contests by competing in or attending them–they’re the best amateur bodybuilding, fitness and figure contests anywhere!

The majority of these events will be held in the same locales as in the past few years. With the exception of the NPC Junior USA Championships, NPC All Forces National Championships and NPC National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, all other contests have stayed put. It’s like the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

* Around the time you get this new schedule in your hands, we will be traveling south to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, for the Men’s and Women’s Wheelchair National Bodybuilding Championships on March 20. The promoter is Frank Dalto, whose heart, soul and money are invested in this contest. He spares no expense to deliver a great experience for these wonderful athletes. Contact Dalto at 2 Old Meadow Way, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418, (561) 627-9638.

* Next up, on April 17, is the 2004 NPC Junior USA Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships, promoted by former IFBB pro and Pumping Iron costar Mike Katz and his business partner, Jerry Mastrangelo, who is also the Connecticut NPC district chairman. Katz and Mastrangelo will be promoting this contest in New Haven, Connecticut. This is the second time that they are promoting this spectacular event, and it just can’t be missed. For more information, contact Katz and Mastrangelo at 35 Marne Street, Hamden CT 06514, (203) 281-7213.

* Following the Junior USA will be the 2004 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships on June 18-19 in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, just a stone’s throw from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Promoting this event again is Pam Betz. She has successfully run it here the past two years. The entry deadline is May 28. For more information, contact Betz at 104 11th Avenue, Windermere FL 34786 or on the Web site, (407) 876-4467 or e-mail her at

* In a date switch, promoter Jon Lindsay’s return of the 2004 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships in Las Vegas is not at the end of July, but on July 16-17, one week prior to the NPC Teen, Collegiate & Masters National Championships. Lindsay has committed to promoting this event in Las Vegas through 2006. The venue will again be Artemus Ham Hall on the campus of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The women’s bodybuilding champion overall and top two in the men’s bodybuilding overall posedown plus the top two from each of the three fitness height classes are eligible for professional status in the IFBB. Enter by June 25. For more information on the contest, contact Jon Lindsay at Lindsay Productions, 2554 Lincoln Blvd., PMB 749, Venice CA 90291, through the Web at, by phone at (866) 370-3011 or e-mail him at

* In another return engagement, NPC Louisiana district chairman Luke Tesvich and wife Robin will be promoting the 2004 NPC National Junior Wheelchair Championships in Metairie, Louisiana, on July 17. To get more information, contact them at 5029 Dueling Oaks Avenue, Marrero LA 70072, (504) 348-2735 or e-mail them at

* NPC Pennsylvania district chairman Dr. Gary Udit will be promoting the conglomerate of contests known as the 2004 NPC Teen, Collegiate & Masters National Bodybuilding Fitness & Figure and Teen National Fitness championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 23-24. This year, both masters men’s over-40 and masters men’s over-50 champions will qualify to turn professional in the IFBB masters division. The deadline for entries is July 2. For more information, contact Gary Udit at P.O. Box 16424, Pittsburgh PA 15242, (412) 481-9129 or e-mail him at

* The 2004 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding Championships and NPC National Figure Championships moves up one week earlier than its usual second weekend of August, to August 6-7. The New York City event is promoted by the team of Steve Karel and Steve Weinberger, and it is another IFBB pro qualifier for the bodybuilding overall winners and the top two in each height class in the figure championships. This contest will now have six height classes for figure. Note there is no fitness component of the Team Universe. If a fitness competitor wishes to be eligible for IFBB pro status, she needs to enter the USA or National fitness championships. Entries for the Team Universe and National Figure competitions must be received by July 16. For more information, contact Steve Weinberger c/o Bev Francis Gold’s Gym, 235-C Robbins Lane, Syosset NY 11791 or at (516) 933-1111.

* After spending the past nine years on the East Coast, the NPC All Forces National Bodybuilding Championships returns to the West Coast–specifically to Anaheim, California. Jon Lindsay will be promoting the contest on August 21, and he will also be adding the first-ever NPC All Forces National Figure Championships to the event. It’s a spectacular national contest that covers every aspect from novice to open divisions. For contact information, see the USA Championships listing.

* Although this next competition is not an NPC event, it is a pro-qualifying contest that will be held in the United States by an established NPC promoter. The IFBB North American Championships are back, courtesy of Dr. Gary Udit! This event will feature bodybuilding categories for open men, open women and masters men over 40, as well as open figure and masters over-35 figure. This contest is a pro qualifier for open men, open women and open figure. It will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 4. Contact Dr. Gary Udit (see Teen, Collegiate & Masters National listing) for more information.

* Rounding out the year on November 19-20, promoter Steve Karel will produce the final IFBB pro qualifier and the NPC’s crown jewel event: the NPC National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships. He’s bringing the contest back to Dallas, where it’s been run so successfully several of the past few years.

The NPC Nationals has launched plenty of successful IFBB pro careers. As an IFBB pro qualifier, the top two from each of the three fitness height classes are eligible for professional status in the IFBB fitness division, and each class winner of the men’s and women’s bodybuilding contests earns an IFBB pro card, too. You won’t want to miss this bodybuilding and fitness extravaganza! Entry deadline is October 29. For more information, contact Pam Betz (see Junior Nationals listing) or go to the Web site

Athletes should get their entries in by the deadline. Most of these national contests will have an entry deadline listed, which is generally three weeks before the contest date. Please complete and mail your entry early, as you cannot sign up to compete on the day of the contest. To ensure your entry is received, we recommend you send it via certified mail with a return receipt.

Also remember to register early for your NPC card, because we do not accept a national entry without an NPC card. Registration is the responsibility of the athlete, not a spouse, training partner, gym owner or a manager. If you are the one training for months, take the time and responsibility to mail your NPC registration and entry on time. Good luck to all who compete and thank you to those who came out to support our NPC contests in 2003.

To find out more about NPC bodybuilding and fitness events in your area, or to join the NPC, contact the NPC National Office at (412) 276-5027, check out the official Web site at and keep an eye on this section along with the Events list.



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