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What’s in those household products?

What’s in those household products? –

John Henkel

Brake fluid. Air fresheners. Insect repellent. Bleach. Sure, you use these things all the time. But do you ever wonder what’s in these products or what tire potential health effects of exposure to them are? The National Library of Medicine has the answers in its online Household Products Database. Browse or search specific brand-name products in categories such as auto products, landscape/yard, home maintenance, and hobbies/crafts.

If, for example, you want to know more about the antiperspirant you use, just click on that category and a list of dozens of brand names will appear, each with detailed safety and manufacturing information.

But suppose you only have the name of a product ingredient. No problem. The site allows searching or browsing through a chemical registry for background on the ingredient. You also can search for information about health effects such as dizziness or headache.

To check out your household products, go to http://

John Henkel is a member of the FDA’s Website Management Staff.

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