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The place to go for science info

The place to go for science info –

John Henkel

Finding specific science information from the many research- and technology-oriented agencies in the federal government can be a science in itself. But now there is an easy shortcut. FirstGov for Science (, offers a gateway to a massive amount of federal science material geared to what the site calls “science-attentive citizens,” a group that includes consumers, science professionals, students, educators, and entrepreneurs.

Fourteen federal agencies and departments created the site by compiling science information with the widest appeal. The site has two features:

* a browsable directory of individual Web sites on science topics such as agriculture, computers, the environment, health, and science education

* a catalog of databases of technical reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, and other published material on science.

FirstGov for Science is one of several “cross-agency portals” hosted by FirstGov (, a site that offers easy access to federal and state information and services.

John Henkel is a member of the FDA’s Website Management Staff.

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