Product distribution halted due to medical claims

Product distribution halted due to medical claims – Phoenix International Marketing Corp

Food products labeled with claims that they could be used for weight control and other medical conditions were taken off the market by the manufacturer at the request of FDA in May.

Phoenix International Marketing Corporation of Sparks, Nev., agreed to stop distributing its Phoenix Fiber Cookie, Phoenix Fizzie, Phoenix Nutritious Beverage, and Phoenix Vitamins and Minerals Capsules after FDA notified the company that these products violated federal laws and regulations. Promotional material distributed with the “Phoenix for Life” weight-control program made unsubstantiated medical claims of the products’ use for weight control, heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and diverticulitis (a gastrointestinal problem).

In addition, tests performed in Mississippi and by FDA showed the cookies contained about 240 calories, approximately twice the amount listed on the label.

Phoenix International agreed to cease distribution of all products and recall all promotional materials making therapeutic claims. The company also agreed to withdraw and relabel all products and submit new labeling to FDA for review. The company said it was sending notices of this action to 387 primary distributors and 50,000 sub-distributors and other involved individuals.

The company said it intends to introduce a replacement cookie with a new formulation.

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