New tranquilizer has fewer side effects

New tranquilizer has fewer side effects – buspirone hydrochloride

New Tranquilizer Has Fewer Side Effects

The first drug for treating anxiety disorders without depressing the central nervous system has been approved by FDA. The drug, buspirone hydrochloride, is a chemically unique compound not related to the benzodiazepines, such as Valium and librium, that have been used against anxiety.

BuSpar, the new compound’s brand name, does not cause the euphoric or sedative effects produced by the benzodiazepines, which can often lead to abuse. Since studies have shown BuSpar is unlikely to be abused, it is not classified as a controlled substance.

BuSpar is manufactured by Bristol-Myers Co. and will be marketed by the Mead Johnson Pharmaceutical Division, a part of the Bristol-Myers U.S. Pharmaceutical Group.

(For more information on tranquilizers, see “A Guide to the Proper Use of Tranquilizers” in the December 1985-January 1986 FDA Consumer.)

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