Why retailers rate Banana Boat

Why retailers rate Banana Boat

Retailers, understanding that “me too” products do not grow categories or being in new users, appreciate Banana Boat’s innovativeness.

But they also like the company’s flexibility, category expertise, promotional support, and customized service.

As innovators, Banana Boat gave the mass market its first SPF 15, the first patented nongreasy moisturizing based product, the first eight hour waterproof protection product, and most recently the first sunless tanning lotion specially formulated for faces.

Many of their products were the first on the market to contain all natural ingredients like 100% pure Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), Vitamin E, Collagen, Melanin, Aloe Vera Gel, JoJoba and other natural skin moisturizers.

They also have the only high SPF spray oil available on the market right now, and they have patents pending on many of their new products like their PABA Free Broad Spectrum line which includes the new Banana Boat Maximum Sunblock 50.

Banana Boat Understands

Category Trends

Banana Boat also acts as a category consultant, helping buyers understand segment trends so that as they begin to redesign the category each year, they can pull together the best possible product mix.

And because Banana Boat has a full range of sun care products with leading items in all the key traditional and growth segments, retailers can rely on Banana Boat to deliver top performance in each and every category segment.

Out of the approximately 54 companies who compete in this category, only one other manufacturer has a similar broad assortment to offer retailers.

More than any other HBA category, sun care is very affected by environmental changes. Because of ozone depletion and other environmental circumstances, consumers today are in twice as much danger from sun exposure than they were just 12 years ago.

And through constant bombardment by the media of environmental hazards, consumers know about the danger and are more likely than ever to seek sun protection.

That’s why sales have been shifting in recent years away from sun tanning products and toward higher protection products and sun less tanning lotions.

As a full assortment manufacturer, Banana Boat is always caught up in these trends, and consequently they’re right on top of them.

Banana Boat Builds Sales

With Local Promotions

As time goes by, it’s become clearer and clearer that the money companies invest in promotional and local media programs can be more effective than the dollars they tie up in national advertising spending.

P & G’s Bain de Soleil, for example, has a 34% share of voice in media spending, and a 9% share of promotional spending, but only an 11% share of total category sales.

Vaseline Intensive Sun Care has an 18% share of media advertising, but only a 7% share of promotional spending, and they generate just a 6% share of sales.

On the other hand, Banana Boat, on a dollar per share point basis, spends as much as Coppertone on local promotions, and twice as much as Bain de Soleil.

That strategy has made them the fastest growing brand in sun care, and currently, with a 12% share, neck and neck with Hawaiian Tropic for the number two spot.

And retailers have more flexibility and broader advertising options when they deal with sun care companies who invest in promotional spending.

In store merchandising

Banana Boat knows how to promote sun care “from the bottom up”. They specialize in creating and concentrating on a wide regional and local variety of events, supporting them through flexible local advertising, and especially radio.

Working with individual retailers as partners, they are able to create customized displays, complete with shelf identification labels with pictures of the products, bar codes, and other identifying numbers for easy reordering.

The store service program they offer helps retailers manage the entire sun care category, not just the Banana Boat lines. Retailers who use their service find that out-of-stocks can be minimized, sometimes virtually eliminated. even in high volume sun care stores.

By taking advantage of Banana Boat’s “van servicing” store program, retailers in major sun care markets can elect to have Banana Boat representatives service their stores on an individual basis.

Or retailers can elect to warehouse the Banana Boat line and maintain inventory control either through local Banana Boat support or through their own warehouse systems and procedures.

This year, Banana Boat is also introducing a new service for retailers: a video training film that chains can use to help cosmeticians, pharmacists and other service people understand the importance of sun care, and how products work to minimize skin care damage.

By distributing the video as a retail service, Banana helps to encourage more sales through suggested selling as well as to expand consumer knowledge about the category, and the brands that will work best.

Given the growth potential of the sun care category, the future prospects for Banana Boat and its retail partners are extremely bright.

Banana Boat has been called “the growth brand of the 90’s”, In ten short years, it’s gone from a small local brand to a national brand with a 12% share of total category sales.

Their current quest is to become brand number two, and they plan to achieve that objective, not by cannibalizing sales, but by, introducing more innovative products that will increase usage and bring users into the category.

Banana Boat Sales Outpace The Category

Sun Banana HBA

Care Boat Category

1992 12% 22% 8%

1991 14% 23% 7%

1990 9% 55% 6%

1989 3% 73% 4%

1988 3% 73% 4%

What Makes Banana Boat Products Special

Banana Boat knows that there is no one “typical” sun care customer. There are sun worshippers, sun avoiders, sun lovers who want sun protection. And people who have never tried sun care because they don’t understand how important it is to their health and well being.

Banana Boat offers consumers the largest selection of skin and sun care products on the market.

Each formula has been designed to satisfy a specific individual need and to do it at absolutely reasonable everyday prices.

This year, Banana Boat has a break through product in one of the fastest growing segments of the category, sunless tanning.

Sunless tanning products now account for 12% of all category sales, and this year Banana Boat will be the first manufacturer to offer a special face formula in the category.

Banana Boat will also be rounding out their line of PABA Free sun protectors for consumers with extra sensitive, allergy prone skin. Through patented “state of the art” technology, they will be introducing the highest SPF on the market, Maximum Sunblock SPF 50.

Banana Boat is also moving into another active growth segment, Sport Lotions, which is the fastest growing market segment. Their new Sport Lotions are formulated to deliver very key consumer benefits. They won’t sting eyes, they’re allergy tested and they’re PABA free.

Children are a growing niche market within sun care, and Banana Boat has carefully addressed their needs. They have a Baby Kote SPF 30, a Baby Sunblock Lotion SPF 29, and in test, the highest baby lotion protection, a Baby Sunblock SPF 50.

And there is a new formulation designed for Active Kid’s, developed just to meet the needs of today’s active younger generation.

Of course, all these protection products are gentle, natural, made with Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E and other natural ingredients, hypo-allergenic, dermatologist tested and able to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

High Impact Displays

Help Maximize Impulse Sales

With 80% of sun care purchase decisions made while consumers are in the store, there is no doubt that sun care is an impulse category.

More than most HBA categories, sun care’s sales depend heavily on the eye catching displays that manufacturers create.

That’s another reason why Banana Boat has been so successful in this category. Their display program is considered the most comprehensive in the industry, and it has the added benefit of being retailer friendly. Banana Boat displays come out of the box virtually fully assembled.

Banana Boat has a wide variety of displays designed to meet every retail situation.

They were the first to develop large displays on wheels, and were also the first to customize these flexible transportable displays to the specific environmental needs of individual chains.

They have power wings for maximizing impulse sales on end caps and counter displays perfect for smaller stores and independent drug stores.

They have mini pre-packs for their sun care, after sun care, first aid and therapeutic products, and aisle blockers for large, high volume stores.

There’s also a gravity feed for the Banana Boat Lip Balm which can be placed at the cash register as well as on the Banana Boat racks.

All their displays are supported with shelf signage and danglers which organize and enhance the presentations of their sections.

For grand openings, sports, beach retailer promotions and other special events, they also have a special 25 ft. inflatable display, as well as an array of smaller inflatables.

To increase awareness of their brand name, Banana Boat also participates in many, many events such as the New Orleans Jazz Fest, the Sun Fest in West Palm Beach, tying in with local retailers with POS materials, contests and sampling programs.

As a sponsor of a NASCAR race car, they also display a show car at key retail stores where it functions as another special consumer draw.

In 1993, they will be supporting their merchandising and promotional programs with a 25% increase in national advertising.

Their $6 million budget will include a new creative consumer print ad in major womens magazines, radio and promotions in the Top 10 markets, and hundreds of high impact billboards in all major metro markets.

Plus sampling, public relations, and store ties in with all their national sweeptakes and other major promotional events.

All this adds up to how Banana Boat plans to remain “the fastest growing brand in sun care”.

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