Nurse Attorney group has successful annual meeting

Nurse Attorney group has successful annual meeting

Bel, Leo A Le

Approximately twenty nurse-attorneys and guests attended The Connecticut Chapter of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys’ annual meeting at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, on May 25. A special menu was printed for the group and a copy kept for the chapter archives. A highlight was the multi-dessert plate featuring the Mohegan totem made entirely of white chocolate.

The evening’s two speakers provided fascinating information on native American history, culture, and legal system. Thomas R. Acevedo, Esq., chief of staff of the Mohegan Tribe, explained the historical development of tribal law and how the native American tribes came to be recognized by the U.S. Government as sovereign entities. Melissa Fawcett, historian for the Mohegan Tribal Nation, provided an overview of Mohegan culture and tribal medicine. She described how women have traditionally played important leadership and administrative roles within the tribe and as healers and care givers. Ms. Fawcett autographed copies of her new book dealing with native American history and health care practices.

President Barbara Radlauer recognized chapter member Leo A. Le Bel with a gift bottle of champagne for having been selected CNA’s year 2000 recipient of the Agnes Ohlson Award for outstanding contributions to nursing through political action. Ms. Radlauer accepted the same award last year on behalf of the chapter.

President Radlauer announced that chapter member Joanne P Sheehan, RN, BSN, JD has been elected to the board of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA). TAANA, with more than 400 members, is the national organization for nurse attorneys.

The TAANA Connecticut Chapter is in the process of updating its Internet web site. The-site is sponsored by the law firm of Dupont and Radlauer of New London, Connecticut.

Nurse-attorney writers are being sought to provide a regular nursing law column for a major nursing periodical. Interested parties are asked to call President Radlauer at 860-447-0098.

TAANA’s Connecticut chapter serves as both a legal and nursing resource for Connecticut nurses. Its members provide educational programs and consultative assistance to nursing groups, schools, attorneys, and other interested in the legal aspects of nursing practice.

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