New CN-PAC donor recognition program announced

New CN-PAC donor recognition program announced

Bel, Leo A Le

Have you got money to burn? Would you like to help your profession? Do you want to make an impact on behalf of nursing? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, consider making a donation to CN-PAC because we’ve just initiated a new CN-PAC donor recognition program.

The program was announced at the March 9th Legislative Reception. The announcement flyer from that event is reprinted in this issue of CNN. Under the program, four levels of donations will be recognized: the Friendship Level for donations to $100; the Supporter Level for donations to $250; the Associate Level for donations to $500; and the Partnership Level for donations to the maximum allowed by law, $1,000. While CN-PAC recognizes that not all nurses can contribute at these levels, we encourage every nurse to donate whatever amount he/she can afford. The combined contributions of many can add up to significant amounts, and CN-PAC desperately needs your financial support.

Persons donating at the above levels by 31 December will receive a certificate, (suitable for framing!) to recognize their generosity. Individuals donating before 1 September will also be recognized in the written program for the Connecticut Nurses’ Association annual meeting, though persons not wishing to be identified can request that their name not be listed.

Donations can be by cash or check. They can also be made over time. For instance, donating $10 each month can total $120 for the year, qualifying the individual for recognition at the Friendship level. Donations can be made by either cash or check; but by law, those donating a total of more than $30 must provide their name, address, occupation and employer name and address. This information is used only for CN-PAC’s required filings under state laws.

CN-PAC uses these monies for sponsoring the annual legislative reception, for making political donations to candidates that support nurses and nursing issues, and for other political activities in support of our profession.

Regrettably, CN-PAC cannot provide for donations by credit card as the costs are prohibitive. Donors should also be aware that donations to any political action committee are not tax deductible.

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