Middlesex Hospital hosts first annual nursing meeting

Middlesex Hospital hosts first annual nursing meeting

Colleen Smith; vice president for nursing at Middlesex Hospital, hosted the first Annual Nursing Meeting on January 10, 2001. The meeting was a celebration of the past year of accomplishments and a look ahead to a new era of professional growth and success in the nursing department.

This meeting was one of several innovations in the department to improve communication and to partner as nurses to improve patient care. For the past two years, the department has made significant changes aimed at strengthening the professional practice environment for Middlesex nurses. “Our goal is to transform the practice culture so that our nurses have the resources, support, and voice they need to practice as true professionals. We are striving to create a workplace where nurses experience the satisfaction and reward they deserve for providing the highest quality of care,” Smith explained.

Two years ago, the Nursing Department made a formal commitment to use the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Standards of Nursing Excellence as the framework for change. The standards focus on building a work setting that fosters strong collaboration and staff nurse involvement in decisions impacting patient care. The decision to use the standards was based on research by Dr. Linda Aitken and others at the University of Pennsylvania linking nurse satisfaction and the professional practice climate with quality patient outcomes.

Smith also summarized other individual and department achievements, including initial success with a new, year-long Graduate Nurse Residency Program, a Nursing Council model for shared governance and the new Nursing Quality Report Card. The Report Card summarizes demographic data about the Middlesex nursing staff and identifies outcomes on other important nursing practice variables.

The results of the Nursing, Work Index Survey (NWI) that Middlesex nurses completed last spring were reviewed. The department had an 87.5% response rate to the survey. The NWI is a well– tested tool for measuring nurses’ perceptions of the practice climate. The results provide a baseline assessment of the presence of characteristics such as autonomy, collaborative relationships, and control over practice that define a professional work environment. Periodically, nurses will be resurveyed to see if department improvement efforts are strengthening the work environment.

Staff nurse winners of Awards for Nursing Excellence in Professional Performance, a new award program that revolves around the Magnet Standards, were announced. The following nurses received awards.

Geri Holmberg Excellence in Quality Improvement

Cathy Wade Excellence in Collaboration

Judy Henderson Excellence in Continuing Education

Gail Bogdan Excellence in Ethical Practice

Donna Prue Excellence in Collegiality

Barbara Thompson Excellence in Creativity & Resourcefulness

Sharon Hines Excellence in Professional Growth

Denise MacGregor & Terri Savino Excellence in Nursing Research

Congratulations to Middlesex Hospital nurses from CNA for their commitment to use the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Standards of Nursing Excellence as the framework for change.

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