CN-PAC fund raising for 2000 was best ever but more help is needed

CN-PAC fund raising for 2000 was best ever but more help is needed

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Response great to challenge offered by Williams

Thanks largely to those who responded to the challenge raised by Mary Jane Williams, RN, PhD., chair of the government Relations Committee, (GRC), at the fall CNA state convention, the PAC fund raised nearly $6,000 in the year 2000. Two-thirds of that amount was dispensed as political donations on behalf of three dozen key Connecticut legislators running for office in the fall campaign. Donations were also made to the Republican and Democratic Caucasus of both houses of the legislature.

CN-PAC’s campaign contributions and endorsements

Most legislators received campaign contributions and a CNA endorsement, but political endorsements also were made to legislators running unopposed for reelection who were not in need of additional campaign funds. The remaining funds were set aside as seed money for PAC’s annual Legislative Reception.

CN-PAC Legislative Reception, April 5th

The year 2001 CN-PAC Legislative Reception will be held from 5 to 7 PM on Thursday, April 5, at the Officer’s Club of the State Armory, located adjacent to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. Set the date aside now and plan to attend this important event. The legislative reception provides an opportunity for nurses to meet with legislators and their aides and staff It is an excellent chance for nurses to communicate their concerns about health care and nursing related issues to their lawmakers. No other single event allows nurses this kind of one-on-one interchange with. the political “movers and shakers” that enact the laws that impact nursing education, licensure, and practice. So, plan now to attend. We want attendance to the best ever.

Grass roots support provided to politicians

Nurses were also an important factor in providing “grass roots” support to politicians during the election period. Throughout the state, nurses participated in stuffing envelopes, preparing voter education materials, and in conducting phone banks to local constituents asking for their support for legislators who have a history of supporting nursing issues. This kind of “hands-on” involvement is an important element in demonstrating the impact nurses can have on the political process. Legislators who benefit from the efforts of nurses in their districts during election time know, appreciate and remember those efforts when nursing legislation comes before the committees on which they serve.

Nurses facing realities and need to be politically involved

The rapid and significant changes that have occurred in health care during the past half-dozen years have started-to awaken nurses to the realities and need for RNs to be politically knowledgeable and involved. Our day-to-day practice is set by laws passed by our legislature. Our ability to practice, our effectiveness as professionals, and our impact on the health care provided to the public are all set through state law. Yet, many nurses remain either uninformed or apathetic about the political issues that affect nurses and nursing. Many nurses feel our profession should be “above the fray” and that nurses should not be politically involved. Nothing is further from the truth.

The history of our profession is closely linked to effective political action. If we are to continue to survive and grow as a profession, we need to continue our involvement in the political process. If you have a desire to become more involved-by becoming a member of CN-PAC, or by joining other CNA committees, please call CNA headquarters at 203-238-1207. We look forward to having you join us so that you can become a better informed and more effective nurse.

CN-PAC donations an important way to contribute

If you cannot serve on a committee at this time, at least consider making a donation to the PAC fund. A form for making a contribution can be found in this issue of CWN We.are always in need of funds; that is the primary purpose of CN-PAC– to raise funds for political action. Though we love to receive large donations, please be assured that donations in any amount are welcomed. Consider donating a small amount on a monthly basis. By the end of the year, your small contributions will have turned into a significant amount. CN-PAC could be one of the largest and most influential PACs in the state if every CNA member donated just $5 or $10/month throughout the year. Think about starting now to make your donation and consider it a measure of the pride you take in your profession.

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