Trends and Technology: Winter 2004

Trends and Technology: Winter 2004

Gore, Mary Jane

Trends and Technology welcomes releases and information about new products, services, Web sites, trends, and upcoming events (give us six months lead time for seminars and meetings). If your company has a Web site that you would like for us to review, please send us news for our Online section, or tell us about sites that would interest clinical laboratory scientists. These sites, as well as the new product information, are offered for reader information only. We cannot vouch for them and their presence here does not constitute an endorsement by CLS or ASCLS.


The VWR bioMarke New Lab Start-Up Program Guide offers a selection of money-saving product promotions to make laboratory set-ups easier and less costly. Leading manufacturers offer thousands of dollars in savings and free products to help new laboratories reduce initial start-up costs and easily obtain items for their laboratories. Products are discounted as much as 50% from manufacturer’s suggested list price. For a free copy of the guide, phone (800) 932-5000.

So-Low Environmental Equipment now offers a new laboratory freezer for preserving tissue, plasma, blood cells, microbiology specimens and other biological storage needs. A digital temperature control provides an adjustable range from -40 °C to -85 °C. The freezer has a 22 cubic foot capacity. Contact Jim Schum at (513) 772-9410.

Gloves In A Bottle is a lotion that turns your outer layer of skin into what works like an invisible pair of gloves to keep moisture-robbing irritants out while retaining your own natural moisture. It also helps protect against reactions to latex, latex powders, and other irritating substances found in disposable gloves; frequent washings with hot water and antibacterial soap; and absorption of medications or chemicals. For more information, call (800) 600-1881 or visit

If you want to learn more about an ISO standards and certification for your laboratory or laboratory related business, consider the 12th International Conference on ISO 9000, “Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Your Quality Management System.” The meeting will be February 23-25, 2004, at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista FL. This is the most comprehensive conference that combines ISO 9000:2000, ISO/ TS 16949, AS9100, ISO 14001, TL 9000, OHSAS 18001, IWA 1, ISO 13485, continual improvement, customer satisfaction, Web-based applications, value stream mapping, quality characteristics, value-added auditing, balanced scorecard, and Six Sigma information. Visit ISOOnline.frontpage to learn more about the International Organization for Standardization.

The Quantimetrix Urine Homocysteine Control and Urine Calcium Control are intended as a means of monitoring human urine assay methods to validate quantitation of patient samples. These products are supplied as a ready use liquid requiring no reconstitution and are prepared from human urine. Quantimetrix provides a comparative quality control program called Quantrol(TM) which is available for its products. Free monthly reports are provided for participants allowing each laboratory to monitor test performance and trend analysis. Contact Monica Jacobs at (310) 536-0006, ext. 154.

Carstens, a leading provider of medical charting systems, has introduced a new imprinted HIPAA Manual ringbinder. Made of a durable copolymer material to withstand heavy daily use, the three-inch thick ringbinder is available in red or black and is quickly identifiable by the words, “HIPAA Guidelines,” imprinted in silver on the cover and spine. Here’s another offering: in response to requests from hospitals and other healthcare facilities for additional choices, Carstens has introduced four new colors to its line of Medix-Visitray®, professional form holder storage systems. Now in taupe, harvest, olive, and adobe, MedixVisitrays are made of a sturdy copolyfinished plastic pockets for holding a variety of form sizes, and are available in desk, wall-mount and bookstyle models. Twelve other colors can help you sort charts and papers at a glance. For more information, call (800) 782-1524 or visit the Carstens e-store at

For research-based laboratories, isolation of DNA from fresh or frozen whole blood is no longer a difficult process, thanks to Applied Biosystems BloodPrep(TM) chemistry. This new chemistry also purifies DNA from a variety of other sample types, including buffy-coat, leukocyte fractions, buccal swabs, and tissue-cultured cells. Designed specifically to deal with blood proteins and to combat changes in protein structure caused by freeze/ thaw cycles and improper mixing of blood and anticoagulants, the chemistry is effective even when various diseases and treatments have caused profound changes in the sample. Contact Elizabeth Sanchez at (650) 638-6708.

Colder Products Company (CPC), which provides controlled performance connections to laboratory, chemical, and biopharmaceutical markets, announces the global launch of its ChemQuik® series CQG06 coupling for high-purity chemical fluid handling processes. Manufactured with injection-molded virgin polypropylene, the CQG06 is an economical connection device for instant, safe, and spill-free disconnections and reconnections. It can speed installation and servicing times and protect operators from potentially harmful contact with fluids or vapor. Call (800) 444-2474 or (651) 645-0091, or visit

Third Wave Technologies’ Invader® technology provides customers with a cost-effective platform that provides exceptional accuracy, scalability, and ease of use. The company offers a number of clinical products based on its Invader platform for genetic testing related to multiple disease areas. For more information about Third Wave and its products, please visit the company’s Website at The company announced in the fall that Mayo Medical Laboratories (MML), the international reference laboratory of the Mayo Clinic, selected the company’s Invader® technology as its genetic testing platform for key blood-clotting and cardiovascular disease risk factors.

A new, ergonomic system for pipetting is available. The Ovation® BioNatural Pipette is the only pipette to keep your hand in the neutral position recommended by experts, so it reduces discomfort, fatigue, and work-related injuries. Call (888) 652-6520 or visit

A GenSys graphic is available at URL: photo.cgi?pw.090803/bb10. GenSys/ ELN(TM), the first enterprise-ready electronic laboratory solution for researchintensive organizations, was introduced by GenSys Software Inc. Based on extensive customer research and testing, GenSys/ELN delivers advances in productivity, integration, collaboration, and security unavailable today in either commercial, off-the shelf electronic solutions, or paper notebook alternatives, including an open, scalable architecture providing seamless integration of existing desktop tools and back-end applications. For more information about GenSys products, services, and worldwide partners, visit


Dade Behring has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared the company’s newest coagulation analyzer, the Sysmex® CA-560 for marketing; the instrument is also available throughout Europe. Designed for lower-volume laboratories, the CA-560 instrument’s compact footprint enables smaller laboratories to offer specialty testing, including quantitative D-dimer. Additional specialty assays, including heparin anti-Xa, used to detect the activity of heparin in plasma, are also available on the new CA-560 instrument. Visit


The NCCLS is apparently so well known by those in the clinical laboratory science world that I could not find its formal name or its Website, after clicking around for a while. The National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards may be changing is name very shortly anyway; its proposed name is the Health Standards Institute, which reflects a more global strategy, an initiative to reach out worldwide with standardization efforts and ultimately benefit the health of all people. Visit for all of this, plus NCCLS news and seminar notes.

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