Operating Room Open House

Operating Room Open House

Gaddas, Jane

On November 14, 2003, in recognition of Operating Room Nurses Day, the OR Staff at The Carleton Memorial Hospital (Woodstock, New Brunswick) hosted an open house for all hospital staff. The goal was to promote increased awareness of the surgical services the hospital provides.

Five displays were set up in the main corridor, in one OR suite, and in the recovery room. They showcased ophthalmology instruments and equipment, abdominal surgical instruments, tourniquet, pacemakers, lead aprons, a colonoscope, a gastroscope, a bronchoscope, and an endoscope washer. A nurse provided an oral explanation to visitors at each station.

One operating room was set up to feature a mock laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Two nurses demonstrated the camera equipment and the instruments used during this procedure.

Homemade snacks were also provided, and the sale of fudge raised money in support of the upcoming 2004 Atlantic OR Nurses Conference (Moncton, Oct 3 to 6, 2004).

We received a lot of positive feedback from the many staff that attended the open house. It is our hope to host another event in the future and to expand it to include the general public.

Submitted by: Carleton Memorial Hospital Operating Room Nurses Jane Gaddas, Pat McLellan, Nancy Kilfoil, Grace Harris, Shirley Pickard, Sheri Kinney, and Bev King as well as OR Aide Carol Davenport.

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