A time of paradoxes

Tanaka, Phyllis

We live in a time of paradoxes. As individual health professionals, we see Canada’s health care system changing dramatically and wonder how dietitians will fit in. Food and healthy diets remain a basic tenet of good health, yet we see our traditional roles in Canada’s health care institutions disappearing. Instinctively, we know that we must adapt to the changing environment to continue to play a role in helping Canadians attain health and well-being. This presents yet another paradox. What happened to the vision of 20 years ago of a leisure society? That promise of leisure time has disappeared. We are busy just managing today’s issues. Yet each of us knows that to adapt to changing environments we must have a continuous learning program in place. How do we fit one into our very busy lives? Your Board is facing paradoxes too! The results of the Members’ Forum held in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, last June, summarized in the report Information to Grow With, speaks to these paradoxes. In the “We Would Like DC To…” section of the report, members said that they would like DC to take the lead in developing strong regions and vibrant local action networks and, at the same time, to develop broadly based networking systems (i.e. beyond dietetics). Members asked that DC provide a resource bank of tools for individual use and, at the same time, market the skills and expertise of dietitians. These seeming paradoxes reflect members’ awareness of what must be in place to adapt to our changing world.

Your Board has begun reviewing feedback on the report from members across the country. We’re working through the responses, knowing they reflect your assessment of what’s needed by you, as an individual, and for the profession of dietetics. Your help will be needed in carrying out decisions made on how we shape our future.

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