Ease candida symptoms the natural way

Ease candida symptoms the natural way

Ease Candida Symptoms the Natural Way

The current interest in candidiasis by women who are at risk of developing this type of yeast infection has never been higher, as more and more potential candida victims learn that the candida albicans yeast can cause a variety of disease symptoms.

Dr. Stephen Davies and Dr. Alan Stewart, in their book Nutritional Medicine, report that the major factors that lead to a candidiasis outbreak are a compromised immune system, altered microflora on the mucous membranes, use of oral contraceptives, nutrient deficiencies or deficiency of immunoglobulin A, an important antibody.

One of the best natural therapies against candida is fresh yogurt, rich in lactobacillus cultures, which helps restore the normal intestinal bacterial content and brings the body’s yeast content into balance. For many years, according to Drs. Davies and Stewart, women with troublesome thrush conditions have been advised to use yogurt douches once or twice daily. However, the doctors note, it is possible for women to have symptoms from chronic intestinal candidiasis or candida allergy without having symptomatic vaginal thrush.

Many natural herbal preparations are now available for women suffering from candida-related conditions.

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