Introduction to Management and Leadership for Nurse Managers

Introduction to Management and Leadership for Nurse Managers – Book Review

Sara Lynn Brian

third edition Russell C. Swansburg and Richard J. Swansburg 2002, 672 pp $57.95 paperback

Nurses continually provide quality care to patients but may need to look to business professionals for help with management issues that occur in the health care profession. The authors of this book are nursing consultants, a hospital administrator and a system software specialist. The book provides basic concepts and theories needed for effective management of patient care. Included is theory as it relates to critical thinking, nursing management, managed care, human resource development, staffing and budget planning, staff development, leadership, conflict management, performance appraisals, legal aspects of nursing, and concepts of management for patient care. The authors dedicated chapter 21 to computer networking and information technology. Contents of this chapter focus on using the Internet, which is required in the face of today’s fast-paced communication and technology.

This book would be a good read for undergraduate nursing students, new nurse managers, or any nurse currently in a management position. Student nurses will benefit from the book’s logical flow, which allows readers to assimilate information presented by the content and exhibits in each chapter. The information and exhibits used by the authors also are informative and useful for seasoned professionals, as well as new managers. The book’s format makes it easy to use as a reference. The table of contents gives the reader a good perspective of each chapter. Chapters are well written and include authors’ exhibits that outline specifics relevant to the chapter. Overall, this is an excellent textbook that will help develop good managers who will reinforce nursing’s mission to provide patients with the highest quality of care.

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