Update on the American Road Race Medical Society

Update on the American Road Race Medical Society

Bill Roberts

The American Road Race Medical Society (ARRMS) is halfway through its first year and continues to build momentum toward the fall meeting scheduled to be held in Arlington, Virginia, in conjunction with the AMAA’s annual sports medicine symposium and Marine Corps Marathon[R]. To build a foundation for the Society, several satellite meetings have been held since the organizational meeting in Chicago last fall.

The mission of the American Road Race Medical Society is to promote the health and safety of participants in road racing endurance events through research, communication, education and public promotion. Tied to the mission statement are the following goals:

1. Promote the safety of running/endurance events through education of participants in road races, administrators staging road races and medical professionals providing medical care at road races.

2. Promote the study of medical aspects of running and endurance events.

3. Promote research and improvements in clinical care for participants in road races and mass participation running events.

4. Provide event safety recommendations to event medical and administrative teams.

A set of bylaws will be presented to the members at the fall meeting for approval, and the Officers and Governing Board will be elected. The organization could not have made such progress this year without the support of the American Running Association and the American Medical Athletic Association and their staff. ARRMS hopes to have a Web site up and running by the fall meeting and is initiating plans for a major medical congress devoted to the science and medicine of the marathon.

If you would like to receive notification of upcoming ARRMS meetings and other related activities, please send your e-mail address to Barbara Baldwin at arrms@americanrunning.org. To view ARRMS membership information, go to www.amaasportsmed.org/arrms.htm.

by Bill Roberts, M.D., Acting Chair

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