McNeil and Tylenol 8Hour—a new partnership

McNeil and Tylenol 8Hour—a new partnership

In January, McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals and their PR agency Ruder Finn joined forces to become a partner with AMAA and ARA to educate medical professionals and the public about effective ways to treat pain during exercise and endurance events. Specifically, AMAA and ARA recognize their new premier brand pain reliever, Tylenol 8Hour, as a safe and effective over-the-counter medication for endurance events. McNeil is committed to helping spread the word to runners of all ages about the dangers of over-hydration and hyponatremia. Over the next year, AMAA and ARA medical professionals will have an opportunity to be media spokespersons to discuss the best way to train and run endurance events. The PR initiative by McNeil through their agency Ruder Finn is a significant opportunity for AMAA and ARA to become more prominent in endurance athletics and exercise in general.

If any AMAA member would like to be involved in our public awareness efforts either as a spokesperson or a contact for the media, please call or e-mail the AMAA office. Contact Nancy Talbot via email ( or phone (800-776-2732, ext. 17).

AMAA and ARA welcome McNeil, the Tylenol 8Hour group and Ruder Finn as partners of our health and running-focused organization. AMAA and McNeil will serve to educate the running industry, medical professionals and the public about medical issues involving pain relief, endurance exercise and hydration.

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