2004 medical management of endurance events

2004 medical management of endurance events

AMAA is pleased to announce that the American Road Race Medical Society is co-hosting the AMAA Sports Medicine Symposium at the Marine Corps Marathon, being held in Arlington, Virginia, October 29-30. As a result of the combined efforts, the symposium promises to be an outstanding educational opportunity with excellent speakers and topics.

Following is the tentative line-up (for the complete agenda and presentation times, visit www.amaasportsmed.org):

Friday, October 29th

* Heat Stroke in the Marathon & Other Sports Activities (Bill Roberts, M.D.)

* The ACSM Team Physician Concensus Conference Statement on Mass Participation Medical Care (Bill Roberts, M.D.)

* Hypertonic Saline for Hyponatremia (Arthur Siegel, M.D.)

* Dantrolene for Heat Stroke (Sheila Muldoon, M.D.)

* Lessons Learned in Endurance Medicine from the Hawaii Ironman (Bob Sallis, M.D.)

* Muscle Cramps (LTC Fred Brennan, Jr., D.O.)

* Management of Medical Care at the Marine Corps Marathon/Case Studies (TBA)

Friday Evening Panel Discussion: Non-Steroidals & Endurance Medicine: Current Controversies

* NSAIDS & Hyponatremia (Joseph Chorley, M.D.)

* NSAIDS, Osteoarthritis & Running: Do They Mix? (Suraj Achar, M.D.)

* What about COX2 Inhibitors? (TBA)

Saturday, October 30th

* Medical Lessons from 24 Years of the London Marathon with 580,000 Runners (Dan Tunstall Pedoe, M.D.)

* Observations from a Hot Day at Boston Marathon: Recognition and Care of Exertional Heat Stroke (Doug Casa, Ph.D., A.T.C.)

* Exercise & Statins (Paul Thompson, M.D.)


* Aqua Running (Robert Wilder, M.D.)

If you are interested in providing volunteer medical care for the Marine Corps Marathon, please contact Barbara Baldwin prior to September 1 at bbaldwin@americanrunning.org or call 800-776-2732, ext. 12.

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