Dare to Lose: 4 Simple Steps to a Better Body

Dare to Lose: 4 Simple Steps to a Better Body – Book Review

Alan L. Miller

Shari Lieberman, PhD, CNS, FACN, with Nancy Bruning Avery, a member of Penguin Putnam, Inc. 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 ISBN 1-58333-125-5; Hardcover; 353 pages; $24.95

In her fourth book, Dare to Lose, Dr. Shari Lieberman, a practicing nutritionist, takes on the world of weight loss. She presents a four-step plan, including a sensible eating plan, lifestyle moderation (including stress reduction), exercise, and specific nutritional supplementation.

The authors do a laudable job explaining normal and abnormal metabolism, and what makes a person’s metabolism malfunction so fat is stored instead of burned efficiently. They describe the factors that cause people to become “metabolically challenged,” and how these factors (yo-yo dieting, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, and chronic stress) affect normal metabolic processes.

As with the rest of the text, Lieberman approaches the chronic stress component in a well-referenced, easy-to-understand fashion that helps the lay reader better understand the connections between chronic stressors and their metabolic consequences, including increased cortisol, insulin, and central obesity. She emphasizes a rational beginning to the weight loss plan is stress reduction, and offers many options for the reader. The next step is to address toxicity via a detoxification regimen that begins the process of dietary and metabolic change. This is followed by a two-step approach to dietary modification (depending on the carbohydrate sensitivity of the individual), with an emphasis on foods that should be eaten instead of a strict “no-no” list.

The third step involves a good quality multivitamin-mineral supplement, and specific supplementation of nutrients and/or botanicals, depending on the individual’s metabolism and goals. Well-researched information is provided on substances such as Ephedra, pyruvate, Coleus forskohlii, conjugated linoleic acid, green tea, Gymnema sylvestre, chromium, and others. Finally, a sensible, balanced exercise plan is offered.

This is a very rational and commonsense approach to weight loss that can serve as a primer for professionals whose main focus is not in the weight loss arena, as well as a high quality book to refer patients to as a reference text for a detoxification/de-stress/weight loss protocol.

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