President’s Message

President’s Message

Flowers, Juanzetta S

90th Anniversary

Our 90th anniversary year has been officially launched with a ground-breaking convention, this was the first time in the history of the organization that we have shared our convention with another professional organization. Hopefully, this joint meeting of AIaONE and ASNA will mark the beginning of many such collaborations. It only makes sense to combine meetings when we are all so busy that we can barely find the time to eat properly. Thanks are due to Eula Daus and the other officers of AlaONE for supporting this endeavor.

Our foremothers in 1914 could not have foreseen how professional nursirjg in Alabama would look today, just as we carinot conceive of what our future colleagues will be doing 90 years from now. But, I think they would have been both proud and despairing; proud, because nursing has come such a long, long way from the role of hand-maiden and glorified housekeeper and cook; and despairing because the raw enthusiasm that propelled them to aspire to bigger and greater things has turned to a laissaz faire apathy in our times.

To be fair, it is not just nurses who are apathetic; the general malaise seems to be affecting almost all known health professions. The notion that part of being a professional means belonging to and supporting one’s professional organizations is not being espoused by the overwhelming majority of today’s practicing professional in medicine, dentistry, public health nor nursing. But, our founding leaders could not have understood this notion at all. After all, they formed the ASNA as a means to advance the profession of nursing in Alabama and worked diligently to make it a success. We are in their debt and owe them our deepest gratitude for enabling us to get where we are now. My hope is that the nurses in Alabama will look back on us 90 years from now and feel the same kind of gratitude for our actions now.

District 3

Kudos and many thanks to Dr. Jean Ivey at UAB for spearheading the effort to get our largest district, District 3, up and running again. Jean has great enthusiasm and energy and deep professionalism. Under her leadership, District 3 can regain its momentum and move toward the future with renewed vigor. She is joined by fellow officers: Beverly Hogan, Secretary; Dee Sherman, Treasurer; and Pennie Bosarge, Janice Vincent, Mary Wade and Mardell Davis, Board Members. The election for Vice President and President elect was held in September. All District 3 members should pledge themselves to get active and help this dynamic group move us forward.


The next couple of years should be very interesting to watch in ANA as we move into the new structure that was adopted by the 2003 House of Delegates. This move is as new and innovative as moving to a constituent membership must have felt back in the 1960s. Any change is always a bit scary, and drastic change can sometimes feel downright terrifying. But I honestly believe that this change will prove to be advantageous all around, for ANA and for the state organizations. It gives a broader and far more varied way of affiliating with both ANA and ASNA. The purpose is to grow the membership in both areas. I believe that it will do so.

It is a pleasure to serve as your president during these very interesting times. I look forward to moving farther into our future together. We will face these times together, united and strong.

by Juanzetta S. Flowers, RN, DSN

Juanzetta S. Flowers, RN, DSN


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