Losing It: The Virginity Myth. – Review

Losing It: The Virginity Myth. – Review – book review

GROSIER, Louis M. (Ed.). Losing It: The Virginity Myth. Gilsum, NH: Avocus Publishing, 1993. l95pp. $19.95 (h), $12.95 (p).

In revealing less-than-storybook experiences of losing their virginity, twenty-two young women and men effectively topple traditional views toward virginity and defy the relentless onslaught of social conditioning in our culture. Health professionals offer their analyses (these chapters include: performance-what’s likely to happen; STDs and AIDS; outercourse–a pleasure-oriented model of sexual expression; reasons to wait; AIDS and early sexual experience; communicating sexuality; condoms, failure rates, and the “M” word). Losing It will encourage people to closely examine their own sexuality, the origin and evolution of their sexual values, and the impact of those values on their attitudes and behavior, leaving them to determine the appropriate approach to building fulfilling relationships.

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