Novilisat: Garlic allium sativum

Novilisat: Garlic allium sativum



The bulb contains essential oil, polysulphurs, vitamins A, B complex and C, and theocynanic compounds. Garlic also has active principles such as garlicine and allicin which have medicinal properties.


(Contagious diseases) Garlic is a natural antiseptic. Its bactericide and expectorant properties help fight contagious diseases, flu, bronchitis and seasonal respiratory infections.

(Digestion) Its action on the digestive organs consists in destroying pathogenic flora. Its spasmolytic effect acts directly upon diarrhea.

(Heart & Circulation) Further to many medical experiments, its remarkable benefits for dilation of the arteries and arteriosclerosis have been discovered. It promotes blood circulation and purification.


Regular ingestion increases coagulation time, which must be taken into consideration if haemorrhaging (traumatic or menstrual).

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