New E-commerce system enhances member benefits

New E-commerce system enhances member benefits

To better meet the needs of its members, AAACN has implemented a new, state-of-the-art electronic commerce computer system. To complement this new system, AAACN’s Web site ( has been redesigned. The Web site now uses electronic commerce, or E-commerce, to simplify the on-line fulfillment process. The process uses electronic fund transfers and electronic data exchanges to complete transactions and update records.

The benefit of E-commerce is that it allows AAACN members more control within the Web site. Members will now have the ability to change their contact information through the site. For instance, “if members move to a new address, change their phone number or email address, they can simply log in to the Web site and make their changes,” according to AAACN Internet Services Manager Scott Johnson.


The E-commerce system allows members to:

* Purchase association products and memberships. The site contains a shopping cart, an order form listing products or services selected for purchase, and an automatic credit card validation process. The buyer’s computer will communicate directly with AAACN’s database, where information will be received and saved. Once the transaction to the database occurs, a product order can be filled or a service request can be completed.

* Register for conferences. Instead of filling out registration forms and mailing them back to the National Office, members can register directly through the Web site.

* Join chat rooms and bulletin boards for discussions. Members have the opportunity to create personalized passwords for access to “Members Only” areas of the site.

* Update membership records. Members can update their individual records on-line, without having to contact the National Office.

For over a year, the Internet Services Department at Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc., AAACN’s management firm, has been researching and designing the new system. The new Web site is designed to facilitate growth in association membership, conference registrations, and product sales.

“With the launch of this new site, AAACN is creating a resource center and adding greater value to membership,” Johnson said. “By making the site more attractive and easier to use, AAACN hopes to increase the number of visitors to the site and foster an on-line community for its members.”

AAACN members are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources that can now be accessed, and to let colleagues know about AAACN’s redesigned site.

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