Meet the candidates 2004 AAACN elections

Meet the candidates 2004 AAACN elections

The 2003-2004 Nominating Committee presents the candidates for the 2004 elections. AAACN members will be asked to vote for one person for President- Elect, three people for the Board of Directors, and one person for the Nominating Committee. Ballots will be mailed in November.

President-Elect Candidates

Susan M. Paschke, MSN7 RN7C, CNA

Assistant Director, Office of Accreditation

Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

What an honor to be a candidate for AAACN president-elect! I have been associated with this organization for the past 15 years, initially through the Cleveland Local Networking Group (LNG). It was there that I first experienced the value of AAACN and the impact that the members of the organization have in shaping the future of health care. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to watch AAACN and its members grow and mature into the professional organization that sets the standard for ambulatory nursing throughout the country.

My desire to serve as president-elect comes from a firm belief in the vision and goals of AAACN and in the talents and abilities of its members. If elected, I will bring to this position a variety of skills gained through experiences in management, education, and organizational leadership.

The opportunities and experiences I have had while serving on a variety of AAACN committees, speaking at annual conferences and teaching the certification review course have afforded me the good fortune of working with exceptional leaders who have demonstrated their vision for and commitment to AAACN. I welcome the challenge of continuing that legacy.

I am proud to be a AAACN member! As an organization, we have much to be proud of but there is still more to do in “Advancing the art and science of ambulatory care nursing.” By working together to achieve the goals set forth in the AAACN strategic plan, seeking creative and innovative means to expand the membership, and supporting and celebrating ambulatory nurses, I believe we will accomplish our mission and I am committed to doing my part to help that vision become a reality.

AAACN member since 1994.

AAACN activities: Membership Council co-chair, 1999-2003; Membership Council member, 1994-present; Nominating Committee member, 2001-present; instructor, Ambulatory Certification Review Course, 2000, 2001, 2003; Curriculum Revisions for Ambulatory Certification Review Course; presenter, Certification Review Course on Digiscript(TM), Conference Presentations, 1999, 2001, 2003; poster presentations, 1996, 1998; LNG chair (Cleveland Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing), 1993-1999; LNG member, 1989-present.

Other professional activities: President, Kent State University Nursing Alumni Council, 2000-present; Board of Directors, Kent State University Nursing Alumni Council, 1996-present; member, Kent State University College of Nursing Advisory Board, 2001-present; regional facilitator Ohio Colleagues in Caring project; member, National Association for Healthcare Quality, Ohio Association for Healthcare Quality, Northeast Ohio Association for Healthcare Quality; member, Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses; member, American Association of Office Nurses; member, Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Xi Chapter.

Regina C. Phillips, MSN, RN

Process Manager, Delegation Compliance Department

Humana, Inc., Chicago, IL

AAACN’s vision to be the premier nursing organization for ambulatory care is both inspiring and invigorating. Having been a member for over 9 years I consider it an honor and privilege to run for the president-elect position. I bring over 26 years of ambulatory care nursing experience in various leadership and management roles. Through my association with AAACN I have been enriched both professionally and personally. I have the skills and knowledge needed to assume a leadership role in this pro- .; gressive organization and look forward to the opportunity to serve the members.

During my current tenure on the AAACN Board of Directors, I have had the opportunity to participate in an exhilarating activity that resulted in the identification of seven mega issues facing ambulatory care nursing in the next 5 to 10 years. These issues include expanded life expectancy; ethics and integrity in our business and clinical practice; legislation and regulations; vulnerability imposed by war and bioterrorism; alternative sites of care; financial pressures; and workplace issues. Developing the current strategic plan with clearly defined goals to address these issues was a rewarding experience. I believe these activities and their results will help fulfill AAACN’s goal of being the “Voice of Ambulatory Care Nursing.” As the legislative liaison and a recent Nurse in Washington Intern, I have gained insight into the legislative forces driving health care policy and an understanding of how nurses can be involved and influence decisions affecting health care policy as they relate to clinical practice in the ambulatory care setting.

I envision AAACN as one of the most prominent, respected professional nursing organizations that is a trusted source of information, practice standards, and research relevant to ambulatory care nurses both nationally and internationally. I see us providing the type of educational activities and resources that will enhance ambulatory care nurses’ development of practitioner and leadership skills to continue the viability of AAACN and ambulatory care nursing. Our efforts to enfold the next generation of nurses in our embrace, and mentor and develop new leaders will insure the future of this exceptional organization.

AAACN member since 1994.

AAACN activities: Treasurer and Director, AAACN Board of Directors, 2001-present; legislative liaison; board liaison to Viewpoint and Nursing Economics editors; contributing author to Viewpoint and Nursing Economic$; board liaison to 2002 Program Planning Committee; chair of the 2001 Program Planning Committee; co-chair of the 2000 Program Planning Committee; pre-conference coordinator for 1999 annual conference; participant in historical presentations (portrayed Mabel Staupers) at the 1998 annual conference; presenter in 1995 Research Forum.

Other professional activities: 2003 Nurse in Washington Intern; Loyola University of Chicago School of Nursing Alumni Organization; Cancer Control Nursing Network.

Board of Directors Candidates

Carol A.B. Andrews, BSN, MS, RN, CNA, BC

Deputy Chief Nurse, 48th Medical Group

U.S. Air Force, RAF Lakenheath England

It is a pleasure to be considered as a candidate for the Board of Directors. I have been part of AAACN for the last 8 years, and as a member, have appreciated the influence AAACN has had on ambulatory care nursing practice. Significant achievements for AAACN have included defining the scope of practice and the development of standards and core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing. I have been a nurse for 23 years, 13 of which have been in ambulatory care in a variety of capacities including clinical nursing, home health, health care integration, infection control, and health promotion/prevention. I have held positions such as clinical nurse, nurse manager, organizational commander, deputy and interim chief nurse of U.S. Air Force medical treatment facilities of various sizes.

As I enter my second year of serving AAACN as the Air Force Co-chair of the Tri-Service Military Special Interest Group (SIG), I am again impressed with the interest and deep respect that AAACN provides to the military nursing community. Working with the military SIG has given me an in-depth appreciation of the professionalism that AAACN promotes. Defining the scope of practice and development of practice standards have been significant achievements for AAACN that have been embraced by the U.S. Air Force. It has truly been an honor to promote this organized approach to ambulatory care nursing among military nurses. Ambulatory care nursing is where “the rubber meets the road” between patients and the health care system. How that is handled can determine the entire course of treatment and outcome for the patient. AAACN’s professional and organized approach has paved the way for positive clinical outcomes.

The U.S. Air Force is dedicated to promoting nursing leadership and advancement of nursing practice, which is what AAACN is all about. As a board member I will dedicate myself to further advance the art and science of ambulatory care nursing among the entire AAACN membership. I am proud to be involved with such a dynamic and professional group and welcome the opportunity to serve AAACN in a greater capacity as we meet challenges in the future.

AMCN member since 1995.

AAACN activities: Air Force Co-chair of Tri-Service Military Special Interest Group

Other professional activities: Member of the Academy of ” Military Surgeons of the United States.

Kari J. Hite, RN, MN, CDE

Quality Management Coordinator

Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System

Tucson, AZ

I first discovered AAACN while doing a literature search during my master’s program in 1994. It was a wonderful discovery to find an organization that was addressing ambulatory care nursing issues. The first conference I attended was in San Diego and my eyes and heart were opened up to the many professional opportunities AAACN has to offer ambulatory care nurses. I have enjoyed and benefited both personally and professionally from several conferences. I often think of the annual conference as food for my nursing soul. As Viewpoint has expanded, it provides nursing sustenance during the year, and when conflicts arise to attend our annual meeting.

The entire nursing profession is challenged with changing work environments, increasing workloads, an aging population, increasing consumer demands, cost constraints, and a nursing staff shortage. Ambulatory care nurses work in various settings providing care for many diverse population groups. The AAACN leadership over the past 20+ years has identified trends and worked to address professional nursing issues such as the rise of telehealth nursing and clarification of the ambulatory care professional nursing, role. AAACN has diligently worked to increase awareness among professional peers by championing certification and identifying future professional needs.

I envision AAACN as an organization that will identify alternative methods of providing education to members via electronic mailing lists, Viewpoint, potential regional level conferences; and by refining the role of ambulatory care [middot] nurses, continuing to mentor new ambulatory care professionals, and nurturing the nursing soul of older members. Nurses have very large hearts, skilled helping hands, and vast professional knowledge that our communities need. I foresee AAACN as an organization that will continue to promote professional nursing over the next millennium.

AAACN member since 1994.

AAACN activities: TNP SIG, 1994-1999; VA SIG, 1999-present; Membership Council, 2002-present.

Other professional activities: Member, Sigma Theta Tau-Omicron Tau chapter; member, American Association of Diabetes Educators; Certified Diabetes Educator since 1989; member, Southern Arizona Chapter of Diabetes Educators (previously served on nominating committee and as secretary, currently, vice-president and on the education committee); member, Catholic Social Services Board.

Anita Markovich, MSN, RN, MPA, CPHQ

Director, Quality Services Division

Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Inc.

Binghamton, NY

The first year I became a AAACN member, I discovered an organization that is dedicated to developing, defining, guiding, and understanding the diversity of care that ambulatory care nurses provide and the challenges they face. Ambulatory care nurses are pioneers, seeking new areas of care that take patients out of the boundaries of a hospital. They are using new technologies to lead the way in defining health care of the future. To guide ambulatory care nurses on this journey, the AAACN has also been a pioneer; an organization of “firsts”: first with ambulatory care and telehealth nursing standards and first with ambulatory care nursing certification.

My participation in AAACN and the strong networking it fosters helped me over the past 8 years in my position as Clinical and Practice Director in ambulatory care. In this position, I implemented clinical standards in 14 primary care practices and walk-in services and defined ambulatory care nursing. I mentored nursing leaders to achieve certification. I also shared responsibilities for fiscal management and accountability. In my current position, and as part of a hospital that provides more than half of its services in ambulatory care, I continue to educate and implement clinical excellence. As a AAACN member, I was mentored by many current AAACN leaders and participated in several successful projects. I have attended the Leadership Symposium for the past 2 years which has enabled me to participate in strategic planning and fiscal review.

If elected, I will continue to be dedicated to working together with AAACN’s talented leaders to accomplish our strategic goals; to promote fiscal soundness, assuring a selfsustaining organization; to support the strong networking among our dynamic members; to mentor our leaders of tomorrow; and to work together with leaders and members to share our knowledge and expertise to promote clinical excellence and face the challenges in ambulatory care nursing. I would appreciate your vote and the opportunity to serve as a AAACN leader.

AAACN member since 1996.

AAACN activities: Co-chairman, Standards SiG; member of the AAACN Standards Revision Task Force, Ambulatory Care Nursing Administration and Practice Standards (2000); reviewer for the Core Curriculum for Ambulatory Care Nursing; AAACN/alternate member for the Professional and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) for JCAHO.

Other professional activities: Member of the National Association of Healthcare Quality (NAHQ).

Sara M. Marks, CDR, NC, USN

Program Manager, Health Service Support Doctrine

United States Navy

Newport, RI

I believe in the AAACN values 4 of excellence in care delivery that improves the health of individuals and communities; collaborative leadership; partnerships and alliances among providers and health care organizations; proactive innovation and risk-taking; customer focused services; and continual advancement of professional ambulatory care nursing practice. I am dedicated to the advancement and influence of the art and science of ambulatory care nursing.

As a nurse in the Navy, I have had the opportunity to experience a variety of professional assignments. My experiences include managing family practice, pediatrie, and primary care clinics, designing and implementing a wellness center at a small hospital, and providing health consultations related to environmental concerns and review of healthy lifestyles at an overseas military base. My current assignment involves the development of health service doctrine in support of our naval forces and testing of new medical concepts for the delivery of care in the future. The patient population involved is diverse and includes our service men and women as well as the spectrum of the world population that can be encountered in any humanitarian or disaster relief mission.

Since associating with AAACN, I have been actively involved with the Tri-service Military SIG. Through this SIG, I have had the opportunity to network with Army and Air Force nurses as well as other Navy nurses and civilian counterparts. It’s an exciting world with multiple professional opportunities for nursing.

As a AAACN member, it is an honor to be associated with the finest in the nursing profession. If elected to the AAACN Board of Directors, I will be fully committed to meeting all duties and responsibilities.

AAACN member since 1996.

AAACN activities: Navy co-chair for the Tri-service Military SIG, 2003, 2004.

Other professional activities: Specialty Leader for the Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery for Community Health Nursing.

Kitty Shulman, MSN, RN, C

Director, Children’s Specialty Center

St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center

Boise, ID

As an active AAACN member since 1988, I have witnessed how the organization has grown and focused on meeting the needs of its diverse membership. My participation on four program planning committees since 1999 and most recently as chair for the 2004 Conference in Phoenix has given me the opportunity to interact with and learn from many segments of our membership. AAACN’s leadership has always been at the forefront of identifying and leading changes that benefit ambulatory care nurses in all settings. As a member of the Board of Directors, I would work to further develop the organization’s potential and continue to explore new avenues to firmly establish ambulatory care nursing as a part of nursing’s mainstream. I am committed to being a part of the organizational leadership necessary to thrive in today’s ambulatory care nursing environment.

AAACN member since 1988.

AAACN activities: Program Planning Committee member, 1999, 2001, 2002, co-chair 2003, chair 2004; Silent Auction chair, 2001, 2003; AAACN State Representative for Idaho; Pediatric SIG; Treasurer, Greater Los Angeles Area Networking Group (1997-1998); Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification Review Course instructor, 2003

Other professional activities: Member, Sigma Theta Tau and American Association History of Nursing.

Beth Ann Swan, PhD, CRNP

Associate Director, Office of International Programs & World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Philadelphia, PA

As a member of AAACN for 13 years, I value the vision, mission, and strategic direction of the organization in moving ambulatory care nursing practice forward nationally. For example, AAACN has been a leader in responding to the changing ambulatory care environment by developing telephone nursing practice standards, offering a telephone nursing practice core course, promoting the use of technology to connect our members with each other, and evolving AAACN Viewpoint into a cutting-edge publication to rival most nursing journals. Viewpoint is widely recognized as the “Voice of Ambulatory Care Nursing.”

Over the past 21/2 years, I have had the opportunity to serve as a volunteer leader on the AAACN Board of Directors. As some of you may know, I am often referred to as the “generation X-er” of the group, thanks to former President E. Mary Johnson. I believe there is a mutual respect among the generations in this organization and a desire to grow an intergenerational membership beginning at the local, grassroots level.

I have been fortunate to participate in a dynamic organization, work side-by-side with experts and national leaders in ambulatory care, and contribute to the organization as a whole. all these experiences have been personally and professionally rewarding. It would be an honor and a privilege to continue to serve on the AAACN Board of Directors.

AAACN member since 1990.

AAACN activities: Secretary & Director, AAACN Board of Directors, 2001-2004; chair, Practice Evaluation & Research Committee, 1999-2001; chair, Research Committee, 1998-1999; member, Research Committee, 1996-1998; Recipient of New Investigator Award, 1996; author, AAACN Viewpoint; author, Nursing Economics “Perspectives in Ambulatory Care” column.

Other professional activities: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Family & Community Health Division, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing; Associated Faculty, Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing Excellence, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing; member, Primary Review Panel, Strengthening the Evidence Base on Effective Nursing and Midwifery Services: A Preliminary Global Framework, World Health Organization.

Nominating Committee Candidates

Pamela Del Monte, MS, RN, C

Clinical Director for Primary Care

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Washington, DC

I wholeheartedly believe AAACN to be premier in its representation of the nurse practicing in the ambulatory setting. I believe in the values and goals of AAACN and have always been proud of the organization’s ability to draw together practitioners from all aspects of ambulatory care nursing.

My professional experiences are diverse; I have been in the ambulatory setting for 10 years. During that time, I have seen ambulatory care nursing struggle with the issues of budgetary constraints, difficulties in recruitment, professional competency, and the delivery of cost-efficient quality care. Professionally and personally, my growth has been significantly enhanced by my membership and activity in this organization. As a member, I have been mentored to speak at the national conference and to become active in both membership recruitment and program planning.

As we continue to grow and strengthen the foundation for ambulatory care nursing, I realize that we need to recruit members and leaders who have the vision of growing the organization. Our leadership of tomorrow needs to develop our political influence and keenness. We need to recruit leaders who will continue to bring together all nurses in the incredibly diverse arena of ambulatory care nursing.

I am delighted to be considered for a position on the nominating committee for AAACN. If elected, I will assist the organization to meet the ever-evolving needs of the membership and its leadership of tomorrow. I am proud to; be part of such a professional and dynamic organization

AAACN member since 1996.

AAACN activities: Membership Council, 1999-present; Program Planning Committee, 2001-present.

Other professional activities: Member, Sigma Theta Tau.

Cynthia D. Pacek, MBA, RN, CNA

Clinical Trials Coordinator

New England Regional Headache Center

Worcester, MA

AAACN has been and continues to be a tremendous resource for me in my professional and personal growth. Through this dynamic organization, I found the tools needed to help frame ambulatory care nursing practice in the organizations with which I am employed.

Ambulatory nurses are carrying on the long nursing tradition of being in the forefront of progress and change. At each crossroad, nurses are there bringing and adapting skills in patient advocacy, patient education, direct care, care coor- s dination, and leadership. The outcomes of these efforts are evident in collaboration with patients, providers, organizations, and the community.

As a professional practicing nurse I’ve been blessed with the opportunities to work in both acute care and ambulatory care. I’ve had experience in the private sector, public sector, and the community health center arena. In each of these experiences, AAACN was there.

My desire to serve on the Nominating Committee is fueled by my desire to support and advance AAACN’s mission and strategic goals. AAACN is an organization that is on the cutting edge, it is a mighty organization positioned to continue to define ambulatory care nursing practice through its support of research and changing practices. This is an organization comprised of outstanding leaders and mentors who see challenge as yet another opportunity to have an impact on the health care of patients and communities through nursing practice.

For me, this is an opportunity to repay what has been so generously given. I thank you for considering me for your vote.

AAACN member since 1988.

AAACN activities: Co-chair, Standards SIG, 1994-1998; AAACN Revision Workgroup, 2000; moderator, AAACN annual meetings, 1997-99, 2001; presenter, AAACN Annual Meeting, 2000; AAACN Leadership Symposium: 1998-2002.

Other professional activities: Member, American Association of Office Nurses.

Christine M. Ruygrok, UN, MBA

Director, Clinical Strategy Consulting Department

Southern California Permanente Medical Group

Kaiser Permanente

Pasadena, CA

Ambulatory care has been my practice setting for the last 20 years and I have managed primary and sub-specialty clinics in both the private and HMO environment. Currently, I am the Director of Clinical Strategy Consulting for a large HMO in California, consulting on ambulatory systems and practice. As a result, I have had the opportunity to fully understand the increasing demands and expanding role of the ambulatory nurse.

I have been a AAACN member since 1999 and have had the privilege of serving the organization on the Membership Committee, as well as presenting a poster and speaking at our annual conferences. AAACN’s goal and vision to be the premier nursing organization for ambulatory care is based on the value of being responsive to its members and providing leadership related to ambulatory care practice. I am committed to the vision of our organization and believe my background, experience, and desire to serve AAACN can contribute to our organization.

If elected, I am committed to devoting my time and energy to advance our AAACN values. I hope to have the opportunity to serve you as a member of the Nominating Committee.

AAACN member since 1999.

AAACN activities: Member, Membership Committee since 2001; co-chair, Membership Committee since 2002; poster presenter, 2001 Annual Conference; speaker, Annual Conference, 2002 and 2003; presenter, local AAACN Greater Los Angeles Area Networking Group (GLAANG), June 2002.

Other professional activities: Member, Association of California Nurse Leaders; poster presenter, Nursing2000 conference.

Charlene Williams, MBA, BSN, RN, BC

Manager, Nurse on Call

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Cleveland, OH

I joined AAACN through the encouragement of Marilynn Breudigam, my former nurse manager and former AAACN Board Member. I also received a lot of encouragement from my peers in the CAACN, the Cleveland Local Networking Group (LNG). These influences prompted me to submit a poster presentation and attend the AAACN 1997 Annual Conference. Since that time I have attended all of the AAACN annual conferences and in total I have presented at five of those I have attended.

Once I joined AAACN, I immediately became involved with the Telehealth Nursing Practice SIG. This afforded me the opportunity to be associated with a very dynamic group of individuals who have become the leaders in setting the standards and assuring the excellence of telehealth nursing practice nationwide. My experience with this group has enabled me to meet and network with a wide variety of diverse individuals and groups who have helped shape the past, present, and future of ambulatory nursing practice and health care.

Currently, I work in a telehealth setting but my nursing experience includes medical-surgical nursing, neurology, ENT, psychiatry, and pediatrie and adult ambulatory care. I am also very active in the community volunteering my services to work with the organization that provides health care to the underserved in the City of Cleveland. As a candidate for the nominating committee I feel that my 30 years in the nursing profession, my multispecialty background and my sensitivity to the needs of others will allow me to select qualified candidates who will sustain the momentum of the organization and keep it at the forefront of nursing leadership and professionalism.

AAACN member since 1997.

AAACN activities: Telehealth Nursing Practice (TNP) member, TNP SIG Steering Committee, 1998-2002; co-chair, TNP SIG, 1998 -1999; chair, TNP SIG, 1999 -2000; education committee chair, TNP SIG, 2001-2002.

Other professional activities: ANA/ANCC expert panel member for the Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification Exam; Board of Directors, Care Alliance Organization, Sigma Theta Tau.

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