Letter to the EDITOR

Letter to the EDITOR

Moye, Janet P

Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed the excellent Viewpoint series, “Nurses & Legislation,” written by Regina C. Phillips, MSN, RN. Part Two, “How a Bill Becomes Law” (July/August 2003, pp. 6-7) was especially helpful in understanding the process of national legislation.

I have recently completed a course in health policy and became acutely aware how important we as nurses are in influencing policy both on the state and national levels. I think many of us have a tendency to overlook and discount our power and think “I’m only one person,” but legislation is often initiated through the efforts of an individual or small group. I hope that nurses will make it a top priority this year to take an active part in the process.


Janet P. Moye, MS, RN

Director of Nursing Practice, Brody School of Medicine

East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

(252) 744-1882 * moyej@mail.ecu.edu

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