AAACN Charter Process Creates Template for Writing/Evaluating Position Statements

AAACN Charter Process Creates Template for Writing/Evaluating Position Statements

Savage, Assanatu (Sana)

The AAACN Board of Directors developed a new strategic plan for the association in 2004. To develop and track the implementation of each of the goals in the plan, a document called a charter was used. The charter provides structure and direction for the implementation team (task force) to follow. It describes in detail what the task force must accomplish to meet the goal. Expected deliverables and timelines are clearly defined. A Board member is assigned to write the charter and oversee the implementation of its directives. With the charter process, the Board of Directors must be very clear on the assignment before it is approved for distribution to the committee/task force chair. Via the assigned Board member, the Board of Directors can monitor progress of the work being done by the task force and provide any needed direction or clarification. Since 2004, more than 15 charters have been created, guiding and accomplishing AAACN’s work. Some have been completed, while others are in process. Each project, guided by a charter, allows AAACN members to participate in the work of the organization within a defined time period. Through the charter process, AAACN clearly reviews and defines its projects, resulting in accuracy and efficiency.

Position Statement Charter

As a leader in ambulatory care nursing, AAACN is often asked to state its position on an important issue. The charter process was recently used to develop criteria for writing and evaluating a position statement and included the creation of a template for use when writing a position statement. Board Directors Sana Savage and Kitty Shulman were assigned to create and oversee this task force, which included AAACN members Carol Rutenberg and Jo Ann Appleyard.

The template, developed by the task force, is the tool that will give members a standard format for writing a position statement to submit to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also can use the template and criteria for writing and/or evaluating potential position statements to endorse for other organizations. The template and criteria are depicted in Tables 1 and 2. This template and evaluation tool is available on the AAACN Web site under “Resources.”

Assanatu (Sana) Savage, LCDR, USN

AAACN Director

sana.savage@med. navy, mil

Kitty Miller Shulman MSN, RN,C

AAACN Treasurer

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