How to Grow More Vegetables.

How to Grow More Vegetables. – book review

by John Jeavons Publisher: Ten Speed Press Price: $17.95

One of the problems with purchasing organic produce from some local markets is that you can never be completely sure that you are getting what is advertised. One sure way to protect against this is to start your own backyard organic garden.

In How to Grow More Vegetables, author John Jeavons offers invaluable guidance for beginners and advanced food-growers alike. The methods discussed work in harmony with nature’s cycles, preserve and enrich the earth’s nutrients, and nourish the soil for future crops. Maintaining a personal garden takes less time and commitment than you may think, and the results are delicious and healthful.

“We love How to Grow More Vegetables for what it teaches and what it produces,” says Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. “Wonderful meals begin in the garden with seasonal vegetables that are pure and flavorful.”

Published in seven different languages and used in 130 countries, this “how to” guide has helped revolutionize food production around the globe. No longer required to purchase vegetables of questionable quality from the supermarket, many readers find themselves saving money, eating better, and reaping untold benefits from vegetables free of disease and harmful pesticides.

This edition of How to Grow More Vegetables contains extensive updated gardening charts and the latest techniques for growing an all-natural, delicious, small-scale garden.

Whether you are a proven farmer or an inexperienced first-timer, How To Grow More Vegetables is an invaluable tool.

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