Herbal Vitamin at Core Of Lead Poisoning

Herbal Vitamin at Core Of Lead Poisoning – Brief Article

A 5-year-old boy with developmental delay due to birth asphyxia was referred to a hematologist for evaluation of persistent iron refractory anemia, according to Pediatrics 2000.

He was found to have a blood lead level of 86 g./[micro]dL. (grams/microdeciliter). More than 10 g./[micro]dL, is considered “threshold of concern” by the Center for Disease Control.

Further investigation revealed that the child’s mother had been giving him 1 tablet of a Tibetan Herbal Vitamin three times a day for 4 years. A traditional medicine healer had told the parents that the tablets were safe, pure medicinal herbs and plants that would improve the boy’s mental capabilities.

There is progress in communication, ability to walk, and social interaction, because of treatments and discontinuation of the vitamin, but he continues to be developmentally delayed.

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