Happy holidays for your pets – health matters

Happy holidays for your pets – health matters – Brief Article

Everyone loves to celebrate the holidays, even the family pet. But with all the hustle and bustle from visiting friends and family members, it’s easy to lose track of where Fido or Fluffy may be hanging out. To avoid a holiday heartbreak, be certain to keep your pet away from the following:

~ Plants such as holly, mistletoe, ivy and poinsettias, all of which can cause diarrhea, nausea, seizures and even death.

~ Foods and ingredients such as alcohol, chocolate, nutmeg, onions and coffee, which are all toxic to dogs.

~ Decorative items such as tinsel, which can get lodged in a pet’s intestines, and potpourri, which often contains toxic dried plants and chemicals.

~ The water that the Christmas tree soaks in, which can harbor fertilizers, pesticides and harmful bacteria.

In the event that your pet does ingest a harmful item, call your local emergency vet service immediately. Have as much information as possible ready about the item your pet ate, and do not induce vomiting or give water or food unless instructed to do so.

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