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    New Jersey Swing
    John Kreiser
    While the rest of the Atlantic Division remains in flux, the Cup-winning Devils remain out in front</…

    Stanley cup results – Names and Numbers
    Stanley Cup Results
    Year W-L Winner Coach Finalist
    2002 4-1 Detroit Red Wings Scotty B…

    1. Ottawa Senators
    THE OTTAWA UNDERACHIEVERS went a strange route to get a spark from the coaching staff when they hired…

    Praise for Hartley
    Jennie Smith
    I applaude you for choosing Bob Hartley as your 2004 Coach of the Year [August 2004]. It would be e…

    They Shoot, They Score – high-scoring hockey players
    Karl Samuelson
    Scoring is the name of the game, and these 10 players do it bet…