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    IESI Corp., Fort Worth, Texas, has acquired the stock of Seneca Meadow…

    Recycling’s War of Words
    Kivi Leroux
    Recycling has more than its share of advocates and opponents. But they all agree on one thing:…

    Corrugated Boxes
    Byline: Chaz Miller
    CORRUGATED BOXES are named for the fluted inner layer called “corrugated medium” that is sand…

    I Spy a Trash Can
    Byline: Rebekah A. Hall and Danielle Jackson
    In Elyria, Ohio, residents who put their trash out too soon had bet…

    Driving Truck Savings
    Byline: John Dolce Essex County Fleet Management Newark, N.J.
    TIGHT TIMES REQUIRE tight ships. Fortunately, …

    Remembering Jerry
    Byline: Bruce Parker
    WHEN JERRY SCHWARTZ passed away on Sept. 29, 2003, several days after sustaining internal i…

    Medwaste, Meet Mad Cow
    Byline: Alice P. Jacobsohn
    MORE THAN FOUR YEARS AGO, the potential impact of the Washington, D.C.-based U.S…

    HDPE Bottles
    Byline: Chaz Miller
    HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) resin is produced from the chemical compound ethylene. HDPE bott…

    Digging for Gold
    Byline: Kim A. O’Connell Contributing Editor Arlington, Va.
    BY DIGGING A LITTLE DEEPER, a Virginia landfill may h…