Category: Remix

    Waffles, Anyone?
    Byline: The Remix Editors, Robert Hanson Erin Hutton Kylee Swenson
    Do you remember when Moby belonged to the kids…

    Ryuichi Sakamoto
    Byline: Ken Micallef
    One of the landmark figures of Japanese electronic pop and the winner of Grammy, Golden Glob…

    Style: Basically, everything from pastoral cut-up electronics to the Scottish countryside to the return of evil Bill.

    Max Impact
    Byline: Robin Smith
    Although technique and skills are important, knowledge of how to dial-in your gear for maximum perf…

    Tones of Tumult
    Byline: Kylee Swenson
    Philosophy is not something that is often associated with mainstream hip-hop. But in Cee-Lo’…

    Cd Reviews
    Welcome Back (Bad Boy)
    The gentlemen’s rapper returns to the hip-hop scene
    The names haven’t all cha…

    Devil May Care
    Byline: Ken Micallef
    Whether you are an internationally loved superstar DJ or a globally successful rock star, writ…

    Arturia Storm 3.0
    If you ask musicians what they think of when it comes to an easy-to-use, all-in-one softw…