Category: New England Review

    Phillips, Carl
    There was a saint once,
    he had but to ring across
    water a small bell, all
    manner of fish…

    Phillips, Carl
    Somewhere between
    To Be Lit
    and To Be
    he’d removed his shirt,

    Official forms
    Kraus, Ivan
    We don’t have any idea who invented the official form. Everyone has heard of Galileo, Edison, or Einstein…

    Cooley, Peter
    Because we knew we were nearing the end
    of our long term together, my parents and I,
    this las…

    How Clowns Go
    Zagajewski, Adam
    An old clown hands out fliers at the station
    for a traveling circus. No doubt
    this is h…

    I am as I am
    Almond, Steve
    The developer’s hope had been to establish the park in Dorset Centre as a “public square” of the sort Bri…