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    Ray Charles
    Byline: Blair Jackson
    It somehow seems fitting that Ray Charles’ swan song, a duets album on Concord Records called Ge…

    Track Sheet
    Joss Stone, Lonestar, Maroon 5, Story of the Year and others performed for Sessions@AOL at Avatar (NYC) with…

    K.C. Porter
    Byline: GARY ESKOW
    There are many roads to success, and K.C. Porter’s parents steered him down the road less traveled….

    Tom Laune
    People unfamiliar with the Christian music industry are often surprised to discover not only its …

    Jack Emerson, 1961-2003
    Byline: Rick Clark
    On November 22, 2003, one of Nashville’s best-loved visionaries in the rock and alt-cou…

    Sessions & Studio News
    Producer Roy Thomas Baker tracked and overdubbed Split Shift’s latest release (NoName/E…