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    Stark II, phase II
    Johnson, Bruce A
    What it means for physician compensation
    This is the first of a two-part article reviewing…

    Washington Agenda
    What MGMA is doing as your advocate
    * Last year, Congress significantly changed the way Medicare pays for physicia…

    Sanders, Mark Golightly
    The consultant arrived in March 2003. For four months, he reviewed practice documents and interv…

    Board Spotlight
    Heinemeier, Irene S
    “I started my career in the medical field as a medical technologist, and in the early ’80s I was…

    Embrace technology – prudently
    Smith, Bergitta E
    Can you imagine medicine today without technology? We’re committed to computers, de…

    Partnership for care
    Wray, Amy L
    “In the popular eye, disease management” – a strategy involving interdisciplinary clinical teams, c…