Category: Electronic Musician

    Gold Standard
    Byline: Matt Gallagher
    Philadelphia-based singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists Maggi, Pierce, and E.J. h…

    Silent Groovy
    Matt Gallagher
    Jazzhole records ambient soul music in a New York City apartment.
    Jazzhole is a collective of N…

    Byline: Will Connelly
    Karaoke is a relatively small but rapidly growing segment of the music-production business. According…

    New Moon
    Byline: Matt Gallagher
    Guitarist Michael Goldwasser (aka Michael G) is the musical core of Easy Star Records, an indie re…

    Flood Advisory
    Matt Gallagher
    A sample of trickling water gives rise to an entire album’s worth of epic noises.
    Michael Oste…