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    Trade secrets
    Cerullo, Bob
    An emissions snafu, a fluke clutch comeback and a dyed-in-the-wool intermittent all help raise Bob’s temp…

    Service Slants
    Rosario, Tom
    Brake pedal pulsation, vibration. Owners of 2000-05 Tundra pickup trucks may complain of a…

    Tools of the Trade
    Nash, Tom
    Cordless LED Flashlight
    The Model CTLED918 Versa Volt Cordless LED Flashlight features three LEDs…

    Foreign Service
    Marinucci, Dan
    Last month Dan introduced you to the electric air injection system found on many late-model VWs and A…

    Trade secrets
    Cerullo, Bob
    A car with an unknown maintenance history can be full of surprises. But Bob proves that a logical approac…