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    GM ‘hums’ a new tune
    Nash, Tom
    Please don’t call it the Baby Hummer ’cause there’s nothing cutesy or tiny about it. The latest gener…

    Service Slants
    Savasta, Bob
    Rough idle, MIL illuminated, DTC set. Some 1999-2004 Grand Cherokees, 2000-01 Cherokees and 2…

    Foreign Service
    Marinucci, Dan
    A string of defective replacement parts can shake confidence in your diagnostic abilities. But if you…

    Editor’s Report
    Lypen, John
    Americans’ recent penchant for vacationing on their home turf-literally-may present you with a business …

    Tools of the Trade
    Seyfert, Karl
    Key Tag Incentive Program
    Similar to loyalty programs found at video, grocery and drug stores…

    Foreign service
    Marinucci, Dan
    In this second part of a three-part series, Dan gives us a rundown on what traditional scanner platfo…